Saturday, May 29, 2010

2nd last day in JB

put someone airplane today. sorry:( yest went out and finally get to eat something that I wanted to eat for so long! this stall disappear for quite some time. and now, finally i saw it again! I never know what is this kuih called. so I asked the malay guy. he said it is 'Abang Balik' ? well i really don't know. But who cares! the food is nice. I love the coconut+jagung taste. sweet and nice. it has a taste that make me kind of addicted to it. too bad i cant find any other place which selling this. if got please tell me k? tyvm:) going back cheras with min er tomorrow. another 4 hours of travelling :x got so many things to bring up. don't feel like go back lehhh My Beauty Diary is really good! I like it so much now<3Provence Lavender Mask. I feel that my skin is breathing after using it. I'm not exagerrating, really! I'll try other mask next time and see how does it feel after use. love it<3 can someone buy all types of My Beauty Diary for me? haha XD haha anyone who want to buy? It is only RM3 per piece. It really worth the price!

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