Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Another long long day:) Went to gym after statistics lecture with Wanchi as the tutorial class was canceled. Burnt lotsa fats I supposed. WANCHI!!!!!!!!!!!! PHOTOS PLEASE:) photos wil be uploaded soon i guess, if i managed to get it from wanchi successfully with this sucky connection. well she uploaded some in her blog too. so, take a look:)
Liwen,Valerie,Serene and others! next time we go together k:)i'll remember to call u all one. next week next week:D Nearly lost my phone,again. I left it in the gym. How blur can I be? Luckily it is stil lying on the table when I rushed back to find it. Oh please, I really don't want to be so blur anymore. Got back my student card today! Really feel lucky this time. Thanks Mr. Tham for giving back the card to me. It saves my RM25. So the time I waited yest was paid off. hahaha. Hope this card will stay with me safely till I finish my degree. yea hopefully=.= Get to know new friends, Teddy and Kiwi. Milk is good:) Feeling so regret when I went to Maths lecture few hours after gym. AND, Wanchi is a bad influence. HAHAHA. Ohya, sorry liwen, u know wanchi is always so noisy :p Hang out with coco,jack n nana at night. Dinner in Kaki Corner didn't leave a good impression to me:( Why others' portion so big n taste so nice, but mine just totally opposite:( nvm, that means tomorrow will be a lucky day! Time to off, bye for now:)

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