Friday, May 28, 2010

JB here I am

BACK TO JB!! time before went back home seems ridiculous long. the only thing i remember after my chem lecture is the only sentence that Ms. Marisol said. Barney says: Sharing is caring:) went to min er they all's house after lunch. it looks good seriously. chit-chatted for quite some time. we nearly cant get on to the bus! min er and i were worried that we have to waste our bus ticket. so we ran all the way from lrt station to the bus. Luckily, we were just on time:) chatted with her. it is always nice chatting with her. get to know stuff that I never expect O.o report to TingRui right after i finish my dinner. Steady hor XD u take care of urself in mmu la. dun play too much k Didn't feel well on yest night till today:( whats wrong with me laaa Coco dearie was sick yest. I'm so worried. Take care k I better finish up my lab report now before wanchi asks it from me again. but why is it so difficult to write a lab report! I NEED HELPPPPP!!! To be continued, tonight perhaps:) if i feel hardworking :p ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone want to buy My Beauty Diary mask? all types are available. ready stock. 1 piece is only RM3. if buy more then can get cheaper price. i'm helping my cousin. thats y can get this price ya. leave a comment to tell me if u r interested <3


  1. dar!!!!!!!!!!!!how r u????so happy la u!!! i gt many thgs to tell u faster back!!!! btw my sick okok fever but bad sorethroat norhx... haihz~~~

  2. I'm going back tmr! wait for me arrr:)
    u drink more water k? pity u la.. get well soon ya. hug hug