Tuesday, June 29, 2010

sick at this kind of moment is not a right one. glad to know that people turn to me when they need someone listen to them. who should I turn to when I need help? many people said I'm brave but, I do feel alone I miss everyone especially u Tee Ting Rui made me cried like nobody's business

Monday, June 28, 2010

It reminds me of you

some scene, some people, some incident all these looks so familiar and it reminds me of you it is painful Van Morrison-Reminds me of you

Friday, June 25, 2010

Toy Story 3!

Just back from Toy Story 3! Can't wait to share the review from me although it is kinda late.. haha I watched it in 2D, but I bet 3D will be much more nicer ya. Nvm! I enjoyed the movie very much with my friends. This story is telling about the boy,Andy has grown up and ready to depart to college. The toys which used to be his favorite and partner, are going to be kept in the ettic. Somehow, they were send to the Sunnyside day care center which is not sunny at all. A bear set all the rules in the center and new toys are not given a chance. The poor toys were suffering in the Caterpillar room and they wanted to run away after found out Andy actually didn't mean to throw them away. But the security in there is so strict! Woody who escaped, returned to help his friends after found out the cruelty of the strawberry flavor bear. There goes their exciting and funny adventure. I personally like these 3 green little thingy. I forgot their name but they are just too cute, isn't? Overall, I will rate this movie 3.5/5. It is funny, interesting and suitable for whole family to watch it together. Kids, don't abandon your toys k This made me feel like going back home and take a look at my old toys. Are there still in my storeroom or somewhere else? I'd forget about them. This reminds me the fun and good childhood memories. Playing with the Barbie, helping them to change outfit, making stories for them and had fun with my sisters. I still remember my dad made a double storey 'house' for my dolls. I was so excited with it. I painted it white. I think that's the best doll's house I ever seen. I wonder where's the house now. I miss my barbie dolls Sis coming back today and I'm not in JB:(

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hello people. Just want to say that my phone is officially dead now. So u all couldn't contact me through phone. I can't think of any other way to contact me except Facebook. So just leave me a Facebook message if urgent ya. Anyone have a spare phone to lend me for the time being? :( nah is ok nevermind. Moral in this morning was a bit hard for me, hope I can score better than what I expect. Actually want to upload some picture from my phone and tell some story. But I totally don't have the mood now. AHHH BAD PHONE Have a good day people

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Crocs Party! Part 2

Continuous of this post . Because I had so much more to share with! The HTC Smart College Ambassador vote still going on. Everyone please 'like' the page and then 'like' photo 60,61 and 62 under the album UCSI ok? PLEASEEEEE:) Here I share some photo which were taken throughout the day. U guys can read the story of that day at here. It was an interesting and fun day out with the girls. Love u both so much♥ I want to own it! Photobucket Photobucket I want sunglasses!
This is the new Crocs Nation model. so cute isnt? I personally love the Korea one which is red in colour very much.
When I first reached Friendscino cafe, I was shocked to see the Crocs car. I think it is so cute!
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The cafe was quite good in service, emcee were pretty fun but the PA system.. need to be improved ya. haha but never mind! It didn't affect much of the event. Everyone there still enjoyed themselves, at least I did.
The 5 official bloggers of Crocs Malaysia were given a pair of Crocs each. and they changed to it on the spot. Cool!
Add on activity of the day was the quiz time. We answered the questions and get some little cute stuff. I get a sweet pink film camera which I adore very much. But I guess I'm not going to use it.. as I don't really know how to use it. LOL We were so concentrate in finding out how to use it till didn't realize someone took this photo. haha I'm craving for cheese today, like seriously. Went out with my dear Coco today. Main purpose of the day: write blog. because the connection in our house is simply too sucky! So we spent our time in Coffee Bean, which make us feel that it is actually tastes better than Starbucks? Erm.. I shall try Starbucks again to compare both of them. Haha an excuse for me to drink some fattening drinks :p Dinner in William was definitely filling and GOOD! guess what I said when I am ordering food? 'I want the one with most cheese.' Then I got a plate of lasagne with meatball. The portion is SOOOO big! my advice to the girls: order one plate of any main dish in William, and share it with another friend. unless you are really hungry till can finish a chicken by yourself. BUT! The food is awesome! The taste is just nice and I'm loving it. I'm going to try out other dishes next time. hehe We were so full but decided to go Gilly's Cafe to finish our unfinished blog post. Had a nice day out with my dear friends:)
Well, that's all for this. Hope you guys enjoy it.
finished this post in Gilly Cafe, finally
with love

Monday, June 14, 2010

Girls Gone AXE Launch Party

Here comes the Hottest, Wildest, Craziest, Sexiest launch party of the year! It was held in Euphoria by MOS on 8 June 2010. When we reached there, there were a lot of people there already. We followed the cute and sexy lingerie pictures on the floor to enter the place. As we walked nearer and nearer to the place, the noise become louder and louder, exciting atmosphere all around us.
The new Axe smells really good. The fresh smell just suit any of the guys. Actually this is the first time I heard about this brand, but I'm really in love with the smell. Alright! I shall let photos to tell the story:)
us again:)
Group photo of the night
A magician from Zouk, Zlwin Chew showed us a magic. He took one new polo mint from my hair, and make two polo mint sweets linked together. amazing ah? Some celebrities were there. like Amber Chia and Chantelle Chuah. After that, we had supper in Zaideen. Non-stop camwhoring:) and people! please help me click 'like' on this page, then one more 'like' on this picture! I'm joining a competition, and u guys' help r much needed! thanks a lot ya♥
Lastly, enjoy this lovely video. this is just so cute:)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Official Launch of Part 1

Was at home yesterday afternoon after my class. Then, my dear coco suddenly asked me whether want to join the HTC ambassador competition( i guess?) thingy or not. at first not very motivated, but heard that Fresh Kon is sponsoring it, and we may get contact lens? so I decided to join too. LOL yea i know very typical chinese girl. Then get ready, and meet maggie in the school. The stall looked so lonely. took some photos as requested and get 1 goodie bag+1 magazine. What is inside the goodie bag? Well.. nothing much seriously, some brochure, a buy 1 free 1 Fresh Kon voucher, 2 HTC pencil(LOL), a bookmark and Rain's 5th album's 1st hit single-Rainism. Pretty cool rite, i mean the last item. [no free contact lens:( ] haha. as u all can c from the above, he is stil as cute as before. Was listening to his new song, it is just one another very-Rain-feeling song. it is just u like it or not. For me, I think is NICE!!/photo.php?pid=186689&id=124550737575555&fbid=126737330690229 Please like the page and then like the photo 60,61 and 62 under the album of UCSI University to support Maggie, Coco and I. I will appreciate ur help very much Then we chit-chatted in the school, cause we couldn't go home as it was raining very heavily. Decided to stay till night time. We were going to Friendscino Cafe to attend the launching event! Deng deng deng deng! Here it is! The Crocs Party! When we reached there, we were given a goodie bag. there are booklet, pen+paper, keychain, voucher and something that we all don't know what is that. It is supposed to be used to play. but.. well anyway, the party was GREAT! With the funny emcee and problematic sound system, we had fun in there. And, I won the cute camera! Maggie and Coco won it after me also. We were so lucky! We are happy 3 friends. lol Btw, the new Nation crocband is so nice! the design is so unique and I love the pattern on the shoes. especially Korea 1! wondering whether it suits me or not.. But I got this sweet pink Lady with me now

More detailed post and more photos will be uploaded soon. Bear with me the bad quality and little photos I got. Currently using phone and webcam to take all those photos. I want a camera pleaseeeee

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I feel purplish today ♥

before Axe Launch Party
Mid term coming. first paper will be on this Saturday which is Basic Concept of Maths. Wish me luck people:) Went to Axe Launch Party on Tuesday in MOS and Sook Fen's 22nd in Genting yesterday. Wait for my post ya Felt a bit sad when I knew Nursing Cadet didn't win. But they had made it to Nationals! And they get first for the marching section! I'm proud of them:) I shall stop online-ing and start my revision asap! Btw today get back my Chemistry quiz result. Satisfaction, although I could score higher if I ain't that careless. Oh ya, I shall explain this post's title. It is kinda random but I'm loving it. Regarding to the title, today, I wore purple jacket, purple slippers, purple backpack, brought purple file, purple bottle and purple handphone poach Time to be a hardworking girl! Ciaoz babe

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I support Jayren Hann Yaw I don't know how to do the calculation for experiment 2. HELP!!! Shopping is always the greatest thing for girls. but really overspent la this month. lol i need part time:) love spending time with the girls <3

Friday, June 4, 2010

Photo shooting

Photo shooting in TH Studio yest was fun. The photos are great! Being a photographer is so cool. They take nice photos with nice angles plus nice pose. but why cant we keep all the ultra nice photos:( Thanks Coco for the make up ♥ ** suddenly realised there's one Monokuro Boo beside me in the picture. hahaha XD To be continued:) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tomorrow is National First Aid & Nursing Competition. Although is in Pulapol, but I can't go. No transport la:( But I know u girls can do well, hope to receive good news from u all on Sunday k? I'll pray for u all. This chance is rare, may u all show ur best. All the best to another 3 Johor teams too:) The last time I join comp.. wow 2 years ago. time flies. I feel old=.= ♥

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Love

My favourite flower. Saw this picture and I'm just loving it. Anyone knows what does it call? Hehe. what a beautiful name it got:) Queen Of The Night <3

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't you think today is a good day? :)

Having Baskin Robbins as lunch is such a happiness<3 especially found a super big strawberry in it<3 today is a good day. both statistics lecture and tutorial were cancelled:) went to service in lab and prepared solution. It was a success:) dinner yest was good although simple. So long didn't get to eat hot fresh green vegetable. currently addicted to the song Candy by Aggro Santos. Repeating this songs for few days already. Ooo Come n getcha some come n getcha some~ lol this sentence stucked in my brain. ultra like this song for no reason. BUT i haven't start promoting My Beauty Diary Mask here! anyone wants to buy? To be continued, hopefully:) ==================================================================== Was raining so heavy. thought can't get to go home so soon but luckily met Pei Sze! So coco and I get to go back home by car:) Nowadays nearly everyday is raining. tomorrow please don't rain k? I want to go pasar malam:) just put the counter thingy into this blog. dear all, visit here more often k. I like seeing the number has a big change when I suddenly see it:) and and, leave a comment or what mah.. :) I found that I can't blog properly.