Friday, June 18, 2010

The Crocs Party! Part 2

Continuous of this post . Because I had so much more to share with! The HTC Smart College Ambassador vote still going on. Everyone please 'like' the page and then 'like' photo 60,61 and 62 under the album UCSI ok? PLEASEEEEE:) Here I share some photo which were taken throughout the day. U guys can read the story of that day at here. It was an interesting and fun day out with the girls. Love u both so much♥ I want to own it! Photobucket Photobucket I want sunglasses!
This is the new Crocs Nation model. so cute isnt? I personally love the Korea one which is red in colour very much.
When I first reached Friendscino cafe, I was shocked to see the Crocs car. I think it is so cute!
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The cafe was quite good in service, emcee were pretty fun but the PA system.. need to be improved ya. haha but never mind! It didn't affect much of the event. Everyone there still enjoyed themselves, at least I did.
The 5 official bloggers of Crocs Malaysia were given a pair of Crocs each. and they changed to it on the spot. Cool!
Add on activity of the day was the quiz time. We answered the questions and get some little cute stuff. I get a sweet pink film camera which I adore very much. But I guess I'm not going to use it.. as I don't really know how to use it. LOL We were so concentrate in finding out how to use it till didn't realize someone took this photo. haha I'm craving for cheese today, like seriously. Went out with my dear Coco today. Main purpose of the day: write blog. because the connection in our house is simply too sucky! So we spent our time in Coffee Bean, which make us feel that it is actually tastes better than Starbucks? Erm.. I shall try Starbucks again to compare both of them. Haha an excuse for me to drink some fattening drinks :p Dinner in William was definitely filling and GOOD! guess what I said when I am ordering food? 'I want the one with most cheese.' Then I got a plate of lasagne with meatball. The portion is SOOOO big! my advice to the girls: order one plate of any main dish in William, and share it with another friend. unless you are really hungry till can finish a chicken by yourself. BUT! The food is awesome! The taste is just nice and I'm loving it. I'm going to try out other dishes next time. hehe We were so full but decided to go Gilly's Cafe to finish our unfinished blog post. Had a nice day out with my dear friends:)
Well, that's all for this. Hope you guys enjoy it.
finished this post in Gilly Cafe, finally
with love

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  1. Serious BIG portion hahahah xD..but nice !!!<3