Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't you think today is a good day? :)

Having Baskin Robbins as lunch is such a happiness<3 especially found a super big strawberry in it<3 today is a good day. both statistics lecture and tutorial were cancelled:) went to service in lab and prepared solution. It was a success:) dinner yest was good although simple. So long didn't get to eat hot fresh green vegetable. currently addicted to the song Candy by Aggro Santos. Repeating this songs for few days already. Ooo Come n getcha some come n getcha some~ lol this sentence stucked in my brain. ultra like this song for no reason. BUT i haven't start promoting My Beauty Diary Mask here! anyone wants to buy? To be continued, hopefully:) ==================================================================== Was raining so heavy. thought can't get to go home so soon but luckily met Pei Sze! So coco and I get to go back home by car:) Nowadays nearly everyday is raining. tomorrow please don't rain k? I want to go pasar malam:) just put the counter thingy into this blog. dear all, visit here more often k. I like seeing the number has a big change when I suddenly see it:) and and, leave a comment or what mah.. :) I found that I can't blog properly.


  1. Hi,

    Just dropping a comment on your blog. I know how it feels when no one ever leave any comments... it's like you're thinking, "Is there anyone that's actually reading all these stuff besides myself?!!!"

    Do drop by at my blog too once in a while, ok?

    It's at:

    All the best!

  2. exactly! haha sure. I will go to ur blog. ur blog looks good:)