Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Official Launch of Part 1

Was at home yesterday afternoon after my class. Then, my dear coco suddenly asked me whether want to join the HTC ambassador competition( i guess?) thingy or not. at first not very motivated, but heard that Fresh Kon is sponsoring it, and we may get contact lens? so I decided to join too. LOL yea i know very typical chinese girl. Then get ready, and meet maggie in the school. The stall looked so lonely. took some photos as requested and get 1 goodie bag+1 magazine. What is inside the goodie bag? Well.. nothing much seriously, some brochure, a buy 1 free 1 Fresh Kon voucher, 2 HTC pencil(LOL), a bookmark and Rain's 5th album's 1st hit single-Rainism. Pretty cool rite, i mean the last item. [no free contact lens:( ] haha. as u all can c from the above, he is stil as cute as before. Was listening to his new song, it is just one another very-Rain-feeling song. it is just u like it or not. For me, I think is NICE!!/photo.php?pid=186689&id=124550737575555&fbid=126737330690229 Please like the page and then like the photo 60,61 and 62 under the album of UCSI University to support Maggie, Coco and I. I will appreciate ur help very much Then we chit-chatted in the school, cause we couldn't go home as it was raining very heavily. Decided to stay till night time. We were going to Friendscino Cafe to attend the launching event! Deng deng deng deng! Here it is! The Crocs Party! When we reached there, we were given a goodie bag. there are booklet, pen+paper, keychain, voucher and something that we all don't know what is that. It is supposed to be used to play. but.. well anyway, the party was GREAT! With the funny emcee and problematic sound system, we had fun in there. And, I won the cute camera! Maggie and Coco won it after me also. We were so lucky! We are happy 3 friends. lol Btw, the new Nation crocband is so nice! the design is so unique and I love the pattern on the shoes. especially Korea 1! wondering whether it suits me or not.. But I got this sweet pink Lady with me now

More detailed post and more photos will be uploaded soon. Bear with me the bad quality and little photos I got. Currently using phone and webcam to take all those photos. I want a camera pleaseeeee