Friday, June 4, 2010

Photo shooting

Photo shooting in TH Studio yest was fun. The photos are great! Being a photographer is so cool. They take nice photos with nice angles plus nice pose. but why cant we keep all the ultra nice photos:( Thanks Coco for the make up ♥ ** suddenly realised there's one Monokuro Boo beside me in the picture. hahaha XD To be continued:) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tomorrow is National First Aid & Nursing Competition. Although is in Pulapol, but I can't go. No transport la:( But I know u girls can do well, hope to receive good news from u all on Sunday k? I'll pray for u all. This chance is rare, may u all show ur best. All the best to another 3 Johor teams too:) The last time I join comp.. wow 2 years ago. time flies. I feel old=.= ♥

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