Friday, June 25, 2010

Toy Story 3!

Just back from Toy Story 3! Can't wait to share the review from me although it is kinda late.. haha I watched it in 2D, but I bet 3D will be much more nicer ya. Nvm! I enjoyed the movie very much with my friends. This story is telling about the boy,Andy has grown up and ready to depart to college. The toys which used to be his favorite and partner, are going to be kept in the ettic. Somehow, they were send to the Sunnyside day care center which is not sunny at all. A bear set all the rules in the center and new toys are not given a chance. The poor toys were suffering in the Caterpillar room and they wanted to run away after found out Andy actually didn't mean to throw them away. But the security in there is so strict! Woody who escaped, returned to help his friends after found out the cruelty of the strawberry flavor bear. There goes their exciting and funny adventure. I personally like these 3 green little thingy. I forgot their name but they are just too cute, isn't? Overall, I will rate this movie 3.5/5. It is funny, interesting and suitable for whole family to watch it together. Kids, don't abandon your toys k This made me feel like going back home and take a look at my old toys. Are there still in my storeroom or somewhere else? I'd forget about them. This reminds me the fun and good childhood memories. Playing with the Barbie, helping them to change outfit, making stories for them and had fun with my sisters. I still remember my dad made a double storey 'house' for my dolls. I was so excited with it. I painted it white. I think that's the best doll's house I ever seen. I wonder where's the house now. I miss my barbie dolls Sis coming back today and I'm not in JB:(


  1. hahahaha..i love those aliens cute.and life savour..

  2. Wow! You should really put a spoiler warning when posting reviews like this. The part about the Pizza Planet alien toys saving the rest of the gang is a spoiler for those who have not seen the movie.

    Try not to spoil the fun for people who have not watched the show when writing reviews for anything.

    Anyway, I like Toy Story 3 too. I will rate it 4 out of 5 but then again I am way too familiar with Woody and the gang as I have both Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in DVD and VCD at home so this third installment feels like a very well made goodbye to the whole series. I hope there's no Toy Story 4 as this one ties up everything nicely.

  3. haha okok. i will take note of it next time.