Saturday, July 31, 2010

Home-made Cookies

Wilee is back to JB! What I usually do at home? despite eating, still eating. Whole family is teasing how fat am I now=.= I really want to control my diet! but I just ate 1 BIG bowl of Cookie N Cream ice cream. OH NOOOOO. oh ya, and today is 31st! huh? you ask me whats so special with 31st? is Baskin Robbins' promotion day! I'm going to get myself at least..ermm.. a quart. Had you get yours? *wink* inspired after the Cookie Monster Party, so here am I to show you all how I bake my own cookies :D First, get ready of the ingredients. 18072010(004) Flour Egg (2) 18072010(003) Chocolate! and also sugar. the ingredients are simple like this. ok, then add about 200g of flour, eggs and sugar into 1 bowl. and then use a mixer to blend it well 18072010(002) that's it next, pre heat the oven for few minutes. at the same time, get ready of the cookies! I chose to do it in 2 ways as I want to know which 1 looks more yummy and taste nicer. I did it in the cup and also the simple 1, meaning, just put it on the tray. 18072010(005) This is the cup 1. As you can see, I put some chocolate into it. It looks so colourful! :D and that's mini Hershey's kisses. Yummy~ 18072010 For this, I just put chocolate on it. so it looks more like the cookies that we normally had. I just put a little bit on the tray, and there're BIG gap in between. wondering why? Hehe continue to read it. Then, put the tray into the oven. It just takes not more than 15 minutes to be done. temperature.. cause my oven just got temp 1-4, and I chose temp 3. CAN YOU SEE IT BECAME SO FAT ?! and it continues kembang-ing 18072010(001) Then when the colour of the cookies turned brown and the super nice smell is all around the kitchen, I heard the cookies are asking me to take them out and EAT THEM! 18072010(009) A little bit disappointed in this because the hershey's kisses are hidden:( 18072010(008) And I like this! My family think this cookies is really a success although it doesn't look that nice. HAPPY :D This cookies can be varied in different flavours. I like Chocolate so I use it and it is the common one. Try another flavour and tell me how's the result? 30072010(007) Check it out :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sick again

Connection in my house is too crappy. I can't even upload one small picture. I don't like a post without picture. it looks so dull:( (11pm) *pressed delete one email* (11.20pm) * deleting* (11.50pm) *deleting* (12.15) *deleting* WTH ?!! *close tab* Wilee is down with flu, cough and sore throat Again:) Please scold me if saw me eating something that I shouldn't eat for now. Sometimes FOOD is just sooooooooo irresistible to me. Hello Mr. Virus, can you please go away?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Is LG Cookie Monster Party Babeh!

Received the invitation from Nuffnang for this Monster Party last week. Was thinking about what to wear the whole week. THINKING thinking THINKING~ Then I decided to be a CORPSE BRIDE! hiak hiak

Then Coco and I went out to hunt for our costume, we actually changed our mind many many many times, but at the end still decided to stick with the original plan. So I get my red cloth, red nail polish, red poster colour, cosmetics and also a big white flower accessories. 1 day before the party which is Friday, I went to Coco’s house to get ready.

and then TADAAA! that’s my costume(front view).


Coco helped me to design it. custom made leh. straight away make design on the cloth when i’m wearing it. hahaha priceless dress


Back view

pretty good rite? :)

Anyone wants to marry me? :p

The next day, we start make up and stuff since afternoon. When everything ready, then we depart!

before depart

On the way to Neutral Club, we scare quite a number of people, especially the worker in the toll. HAHA sorry


So this is both of us, I put my veil down

My veil is soooo long. Many people stepped on it that nightSad smile then my hair was puuuuulled when people stepped on it and I’m walking. OUCHHHHHHHHHH. It felt like people are pulling my hair down. I think I lost quite a number of precious hair that night. hahaha


Us with Kenny Sia, the host of the day. cute Shrek isn’t?


PREDATOR! This guy really caught my eyes when he just stepped in the hall.


Wonder Nuffies! I bet most of the guys there would like to watch 1000 more times of the dance


5 best dressed male and 5 best dressed female.

Congratulations to Coco and Predator for winning a brand new LG Cookie phone:)


With Timothy and Audrey.


Group photos



So I get a mug from Multiple Choice by Topchoice. Is quite cute:)

Anyway I enjoyed myself being a 1-night-bride, get to know so many other people which are friendly and had fun throughout the night.

btw I got my Twitter account! click here to check it out ya XD

Hope to see you all soon:) *putting my veil down*

Sunday, July 25, 2010

saw what I shouldn't. My heart sinks to the maximum. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 再痛,也是时候放开了 宝贝们都说太久了,不值得 我真的知道,我努力了 或许是不甘心吧 够了,别再想,一切都没意义了 潇洒的来,潇洒的走 远离这一切,一切都会明朗化 给我一个微笑,好吗?

LG cookie monster party

Just back from LG Cookie Monster Party. It was awesome. and hello, the red bride is me. hahaha more update coming soon:) please tag me in facebook if I'm in one of your photo k? thank you very much :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Periodic Family

Image0409 Hi. I'm Chlorine. She is my sister,Fluorine. We are Group 17 elements :p At first I really don't want to publish this video. I thought only my lecturer can watch it. BUT Since everyone shared it in their FB wall and someone even put in her blog=.= , then no point for me to hide it anymore. This is my General Chemistry 1 assignment which is 10% weightage in my final exam. Enjoy the movie, and tell me if you were my lecturer, how much will you give me. Is time to get some feedback. We did put in a lot of effort and hard work to produce this video. We redo the parts again and again which we were not satisfied. We spent hours finding suitable attire, making up, discussing the script and so on. We even threw our image away, by acting all these weird weird stuff. I looked extra ugly in this video :( But we had fun throughout the video :) Blooper is coming soon. HAHA watch it in YouTube here

Friday, July 23, 2010

California Pizza Kitchen – 9 More Great Items!

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) has just introduced 9 new items to their extensive menu!

This is the first time I dine in CPK, as I came KL 2 months plus ago only. I’m sooo excited to try the food at there!

When I just stepped in the CPK, I kinda like the feeling there. Dim light, friendly waitress and bit of homey feeling. Then enter the room, and I say WOW in my heart. The view from that room is good. I can see the night scene of KL. That’s really cool.


I chose this Passion Fruit Mojito. Don’t look down on it although it looks kind of plain. It is unique in its own way which is also very suitable for ladies. The alcohol taste is not too strong but just nice.


Moroccan Chicken Salad ( Full:RM32 Half:RM26 )

we started off with this very pleasant looking salad! I feel healthy when I see it. Lots of VEGETABLES which is my favourite. But it doesn’t serve only vegetables. In order to achieve a balanced diet, there must be meat and vegetables together. This dish definitely fulfilled this rule. The Moroccan-spiced chicken breast with crisp Romaine lettuce, roasted butternut squash, dates, fresh avocado,toasted almonds, fresh beets, chopped egg, carrots, dried CRANBERRIES and red bell peppers. Then it is tossed with CPK Honey-Dijon vinaigrette. The combination is really good.


Sonora Egg Rolls ( RM25 )

Here comes the appetizer of the day. I like this a lot cause of its crispy skin with cheesy filling. I can eat whole plate by myself wei. LOL. There’re grilled lime chicken, roasted corn&black bean salsa, Cheddar and Monteret Jack cheeses, fire-roasted mild chilies, green onions and cilantro. then all these were hand-wrapped in a crispy Wonton Roll. It smelled sooooo nice! Furthermore, it served with 2 sauces, which is Tomatillo salsa and Ranchito sauce.


Ginger Salmon ( RM 43.50 )

Another OMG-I-LOVE-IT dishes. I love eating salmon and this, I will say, is one of the best I’ve tasted.

The salmon they used is Norwegian Atlantic salmon which is pan-sauteed. It is not over-cooked so the salmon is still juicy. I’d tried some salmon in other place before which is dry and tasteless. CPK’s definitely not like that. The salmon is so fresh! It is topped with chopped fresh cilantro, green onions and a sweet ginger sauce. Served with wok-stirred mixed vegetables. Personally, I eat the salmon without the sauce because its taste is good enoughSmile


Pesto Cream Penne

Do you like creamy pasta? If yes, you’ll love thisSmile I love creamy and cheesy stuff, so I’m lovin’ it!

It looks simple but I couldn’t forget the taste even untill now. CPK used the Basil pine nut pesto cream sauce, it just made me addicted to it. There’re sun-dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. CPK is considerate enough, hence they offered 3 choices for this pasta which is with chicken(RM33), with shrimp(RM36) and with Chicken & shrimp(RM39). You’ll not regret ordering this dish because the fragrance will linger around your tongue.

Since it is CPK, how can we leave the main character, the PIZZAs!


The Meat Cravers ( RM38 )

This is for the Carnivore Smile with tongue out

A combination of Sweet Italian sausage, pepperoni, turkey bacon, spicy salami, julienne salami, Mozzarella cheese and CPK tomato sauce. I can only think of “WOW so meat” . It is suitable for meat-lovers and heavy-taste-lovers. This pizza looks tempting rite? Smile

Ever try burger on pizza? *grin*



If this is in FB, I will try to click ‘like’ it for a thousand times.

This is really amazing. A pizza tasted like McD Cheeseburger. At first, I wasn’t believe it. I thought it is just the name. But when I try it, that’s really cheeseburger!! It tasted even better than real cheeseburger. the only difference is just 1 is pizza , another is really burger. lol

Ground beef,caramelized sweet onions, Mozzarella and American cheeses, hearth-baked then topped with tomatoes and chilled shredded lettuce tossed in CPK very own sauce. These created this wonderful and creative pizza. The pizza I ate is added fresh avocado(add RM6). You can also choose to add turkey bacon(RM4). The avocado is in BIG pieces, and the avocado-lovers around me were craving for it.


Pesto Chicken (RM31)

I love thin crust pizza + Pesto Chicken is a thin crust pizza = I love Pesto Chicken!

I will never get bored of it by eating it for continuously few days. grilled chicken breast marinated in a basil pesto sauce with mild onions,Mozzarella cheese,sun-dried tomatoes,pesto sauce and toasted pine nuts. It is topped with fresh basil. Eating it just like eating erm soft type of biscuit? LOL sorry no. I just want to say this is really nice and delicious and yummy. one can easily finish all when chatting with others. because it is thin crust pizza, hence it is not so filling. I bet people will choose this after trying out all the nice food in CPK.


I love Pesto Chicken!


Coco ordered this Chocolate Banana smoothie. one word: BAGUS

After all these dishes, we shall not forget about our dessertSmile


Tiramisu (RM22)

Sweet Italian cream cheese and marsala custard between layers of espresso and rum-laced lady fingers. Topped with shaved bitter-sweet chocolate. This kind of tiramisu is the first time I tried. Special.


Chocolate souffle cake ( RM20 )

A Belgian chocolate souffle cake served warm with CPK’s triple-thick hot fudge on vanilla bean sauce.


Red Velvet Cake (RM22)

3 layers of moist red velvet cake frosted with vanilla bean cream cheese and white chocolate curls. served on vanilla bean sauce. The cake plus the ice cream is really compatible.

There’re Tuscan White Bean minestrone (RM15) and Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad Sandwich( RM31) which I didn’t get to try yet.

Now CPK introduces the Ramadhan Special Set Menu.

For 2 person @ RM45++ includes choice of 1 half size salad&1 pizza/pasta

for 4 person @ RM85++ includes choice of 1 full size salad &2 pizzas/pastas

for 6 persons@ RM120++ includes choice of 1 full size salad & 3 pizzas/pastas

AND! all these set menus includes ice cream,specialty Ramadhan drinks and dates.

I’m impressed with the creative combination of interesting ingredients to create incredible flavours. I will come again to try out their food for sure!


Lot #140, Level 1,

Suria KLCC Kuala Lumpur City Centre,

50088 Kuala Lumpur. (Mall is located at the Petronas Twin Towers)

Tel: (03) 23820802


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rush Hour @ Manhattan

Print Nowadays, everyone is rushing for time. Manhattan Fish Market knew this era and had introduced the 'Rush Hour@ Manhattan'. This is really convenient, filling as the portion is quite big and the taste is definitely so much nicer compared to other fast food. My impression towards Manhattan : big portion, unhealthy & pricey But, I'd totally changed it after I'd tasted the food in Manhattan. Went there with Coco! DSC_0597 DSC_0485 Citrus mint (RM6.90) This drinks is very refreshing, as I can taste the lime lingering around my tongue and it does make me feel so much comfortable after having a heavy meal. DSC_0492 Flakin' Fun in the Garden (RM13.90) This name is sooo cute :) I love this as I am a salad lover. you will feel healthy when see it. It is a combination of tuna flakes served on a bed of fresh greens with Caesar Chutney or Cajun Honey Mustard dressing. I prefer sweet stuff so I choose the Cajun Honey Mustard. DSC_0530 Flaming Tuna Pie (RM15.90) LOOK AT THIS!!! It just simply too yummy! We can know it is a pie made from tuna from its name, and it is flamed! It is made of chunky tuna bits, packed with sauteed veggies, topped with creamy MOZARELLA! and it is flamed in front of us. nicely done DSC_0509 Shrimp My Pasta (RM16.90) This is a very delicious spaghetti,tossed with succulent sauteed shrimps and sprinkled with chilli flakes. The prawn is BIG & FRESH. But I felt it is a little bit too salty. Wrap 'N Roll (RM 14.90) Wrap 'N Roll ( RM14.90 ) It consists of scrumptious tuna flakes with fresh garden vegetables, wrapped in tortilla and drizzled with the famous Manhattan Flaming Sauce. Actually I think it is Chinese Popiah.But it is very healthy. I like eating the crunchy vegetable inside with the tuna. These are the new casts. This time, the food are more feminine as it consists of more vegetables and less oily food. So, we girls don't need to be too worry:) owww how considerate Manhattan is:) DSC_0551 TADAAA! This is such a big portion and even 2 girls can't finish it too! Manhantan Fish Market 4 Tiramisu Mudpie Mud Pie The texture is really special. it is not cake, not ice cream, not any type of dessert I'd tasted before.When it melted in my tongue, I can feel my taste buds are shouting HOORAY! Manhattan had introduced the 'Takeaway-Friendly' concept for the first time. With this concept, diners can choose to pre-order their meals via a call to their nearest restaurant, swing by the restaurant and their food conveniently waiting to be taken away. This is really a good news to all the food lovers but always rushing for time people out there. So, do not hesitate anymore! Check it out at your nearest Manhattan Fish Market or you can browse their website xoxo