Friday, July 16, 2010

Back to JB

I hope my house's cabinet is so big and full with nice outfit too
FINALLY reached JB. got cheated by the aunty who selling the bus ticket. she said will depart on 10.30am on time. So, I go on the bus happily.message daddy and mummy that I'm on the bus now and reaching on 2.30pm. and I was waiting ,waiting and waiting. keep heard the uncle talking on the walky dalky, 'jual lagi!' So, I waited till 11.15am. feeling something not right, then I asked the uncle why the bus is not moving. guess what answer he gave me? 'tak tau' omg he is the driver, he don't know, who knows? getting more and more people go on the bus, and finally it moved on 11.52am. The bus is full. It was late for 1 and half hour!! ok nvm, then when the bus reached yongpeng rest station, it actually stopped there for 1 hour=.= I was so tired and wanted to go home only, but it waited at there so long:( so I reached at Larkin on 4.30pm. The moment I stepped out from the bus, it started raining. then I met daddy and rush to MBSB to create my epf account. it took only 5 minutes! This is the first time I think Malaysia government department is so effective. In conclusion, I spent 6 hours in the bus just to go back from KL to JB. :X Anyway, it is always good to be at home. let me enjoy these few days:)

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