Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Periodic Family

Image0409 Hi. I'm Chlorine. She is my sister,Fluorine. We are Group 17 elements :p At first I really don't want to publish this video. I thought only my lecturer can watch it. BUT Since everyone shared it in their FB wall and someone even put in her blog=.= , then no point for me to hide it anymore. This is my General Chemistry 1 assignment which is 10% weightage in my final exam. Enjoy the movie, and tell me if you were my lecturer, how much will you give me. Is time to get some feedback. We did put in a lot of effort and hard work to produce this video. We redo the parts again and again which we were not satisfied. We spent hours finding suitable attire, making up, discussing the script and so on. We even threw our image away, by acting all these weird weird stuff. I looked extra ugly in this video :( But we had fun throughout the video :) Blooper is coming soon. HAHA watch it in YouTube here


  1. had a minor shock when i saw the photo..
    i though apa hantu.. lol.. black lipstick pulak.. =P

  2. hahaha because halogen are toxic ! so we purposely put black lipstick. hahaha hows the video?