Saturday, July 3, 2010

A night in HUKM

First and foremost, I would like to say THANK YOU!!! to... Mr. Jack and Ms. Coco ! Thanks so much for accompanying me the whole night Thanks Jack for fetching me to HUKM Thanks Coco for accompanying me although the next day is BCOMaths Mid-Term Thanks both of them for helping me right after I asked Merci Beaucoup~ Terima Kasih~ Aligato~ 谢谢~ Danke~ went to HUKM, then went for primary check up, then went for blood test. went to dinner outside. came back then get blood test result and met the doctor. Highlight of the day: Doctor asked me to eat ICE CREAM :D so, we went to eat ice cream at Gilly Cafe afterthat:) Well, I'd decided not going HTC 2nd Round and exam today. I got MC from HUKM, hoping Ms Tan would allow me to retake exam next time. dear is going to help me ask her later. I'd planned to rush to school once she said no replacement exam for mid term. *finger crossing* Thanks everyone for ur concern, I appreciate it very much I actually still can talk yesterday night, but now no voice again=.= maybe I can only talk at night? =.= well world cup.. It is not interesting for me anymore since Zidane is no longer playing. I WANT ZIDANE! Alright.. My head is so dizzy, time to sleep again. with love

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