Friday, July 2, 2010

I Love To Touch My Cookie Monster

Look at this cutie! C is for cookie monster! Cookie monster is definitely one of the most popular character, not only among the kids, and also the grown up. Don't you love watching sesame street? *wink* I'm so obsessed with it and I gone crazy when I look at this! I'm so going to the LG COOKIE MONSTER PARTY!! This time,LG is launching the brand new LG Cookie series! I love the LG Cookie Plus in Purple colour! Can I have it please? :) What attracts me the most is the theme and the dress code of the party. is MONSTER!!! Sounds so interesting and fun rite?! I can't wait to see my friends and I dressed up as monsters and have fun in the party. lovely monsters:) And I do stand a chance to win a LG Cookie Plus! How nice could it be? So, just wait and see how monster am I that day Don't worry, I don't bite:)

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