Thursday, July 15, 2010


Inception is definitely one of the best story I've read/watched. Just watched it in Mid Valley and I don't want to lose the sharing mood so here am I to write this. I'm impressed by the effects, the acting and the storyline. Christopher Nolan had made this movie a big success. This movie is about 2.5 hours, but yet, I didn't feel bored throughout the movie. I want to watch more!! I will say, the actors and actress in this movie are all GREAT. Leornando DiCarpio, as usual, charming as always, has a very unique work. find it out yourself:) what I would like to highlight is, he was able to draw the audience through the complex story in a clear fashion. CILLIAN MURPHY!!! He is my favourite in the movie. why? because I like his face :p he is sooooo HOT! The girls in the movie are pretty and sexy. The cast is so strong that you can't miss this awesome movie. This movie had made me think deeply for some time. The dream is real. The dream is not real. So, whats the answer? Are we actually living in our own dream most of the time? Dream is beautiful sometimes, as it shows what we want so badly in our real life. But, by living in the dream, everything is nothing. Think about it, what do you want actually? living in a dream with perfect life, or face the cruel reality bravely? I will rate 4.5 out of 5 star for this movie. the 0.5 is missing because it is too complicated. lol It is worth watching. SO, watch it :) Thanks Nuffnang, So I got the chance to watch this premiere screening:)


  1. was soo good eh? i think so too

  2. Nice review :) Didn't expect to to get 4.5 stars though

  3. tottens: yes it is:)
    'I' the writer : thanks:) erm maybe it just suits my taste:)