Monday, July 26, 2010

Is LG Cookie Monster Party Babeh!

Received the invitation from Nuffnang for this Monster Party last week. Was thinking about what to wear the whole week. THINKING thinking THINKING~ Then I decided to be a CORPSE BRIDE! hiak hiak

Then Coco and I went out to hunt for our costume, we actually changed our mind many many many times, but at the end still decided to stick with the original plan. So I get my red cloth, red nail polish, red poster colour, cosmetics and also a big white flower accessories. 1 day before the party which is Friday, I went to Coco’s house to get ready.

and then TADAAA! that’s my costume(front view).


Coco helped me to design it. custom made leh. straight away make design on the cloth when i’m wearing it. hahaha priceless dress


Back view

pretty good rite? :)

Anyone wants to marry me? :p

The next day, we start make up and stuff since afternoon. When everything ready, then we depart!

before depart

On the way to Neutral Club, we scare quite a number of people, especially the worker in the toll. HAHA sorry


So this is both of us, I put my veil down

My veil is soooo long. Many people stepped on it that nightSad smile then my hair was puuuuulled when people stepped on it and I’m walking. OUCHHHHHHHHHH. It felt like people are pulling my hair down. I think I lost quite a number of precious hair that night. hahaha


Us with Kenny Sia, the host of the day. cute Shrek isn’t?


PREDATOR! This guy really caught my eyes when he just stepped in the hall.


Wonder Nuffies! I bet most of the guys there would like to watch 1000 more times of the dance


5 best dressed male and 5 best dressed female.

Congratulations to Coco and Predator for winning a brand new LG Cookie phone:)


With Timothy and Audrey.


Group photos



So I get a mug from Multiple Choice by Topchoice. Is quite cute:)

Anyway I enjoyed myself being a 1-night-bride, get to know so many other people which are friendly and had fun throughout the night.

btw I got my Twitter account! click here to check it out ya XD

Hope to see you all soon:) *putting my veil down*


  1. we enjoyed a lot and had a very good memory !!! gratz to u too!!!!<3 ~*

  2. yes...gotcha u....
    hahaha....... come visit me..
    so..mana kawna u yg menang tu yek?
    dia x update lagi meh??hehehe

  3. wahh its you the hantu girl...hehe..actually your makeup so real..great job. Hope you'll participate in other event again

  4. ronnie: thank you ya:)
    coco: yea!!!
    sumijelly: haha she is coco. her blog is
    she will update soon XD
    jai:haha thank you! i will take part in other events if got chance:)

  5. heyhey~ hello!!!! U had a beautiful sultry look for a corpse bride. ur baju sexy also wor.^^

  6. haha thank you! congrats for winning the best blog post!

  7. Wah, the back is so sexy one. I heard that the mug is quite costly wor.

  8. simon: haha sexy? lol XD ya lo i also heard people said that. haha are you using that mug?

  9. simon and wilee... becoz that ppl is me==

  10. wah...really a pretty, sexy monster ur dress a lot...nice red monster dress....

  11. hahaha handmade 1, somemore custom made. haha thanks :)