Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Mind is the Scene of the Crime

Have you ever think of committing crime in the deep side of your heart? Nah don't tell me never, I bet nearly everyone of us ever thought of it but never do it in action. For me, I will always imagine it in my mind, and syiok sendiri la :p Sometimes, it actually appears in my dream, which scare me to the max. Funny isnt? I want to be a bad egg but I'm actually scared of it as well. Nvm, it is just a dream:) There are lots of secrets in me,is it? People around me tried to dig them out, with the excuse of 'knowing better you'. But I think, if you want to know more about me, shouldn't you find it out by yourself? In the other hand, I don't even think I know myself good enough. Who knows me the best? HAHA interesting question. Come to me and be the one :p Since it is so complicated then I shall not think about it anymore. I would like to share something in my mind which I don't want to be stolen anytime anywhere by anyone. I value this thought very much as that's my true self. I know this thought is selfish and unreachable. But I just hope it will happen one day, somehow. I want to steal YOU away from someone and keeping you by my side always. When I was able to do that, I want to travel around the world with you. From New York, Paris, Rome to anywhere in this world, as long as I'm with you, I'm contented. We backpacked, go to anywhere we want, doing crazy and unforgettable things in every city, try out all the exotic and food that we never try before. Experience every little thing together. In the crowd, in the train, in the dream, you hold me tight always. never ever let go. We explore all the place together. Sometimes we might lost in a new place, but I never feel lost. Because you're there with me, holding me tight. Everywhere is my home when I'm with you. This is just a short scene that I always dream. I know it is not gonna happen anyway:) I hope I can get a pair of invites to catch the Premiere Screening of Inception happening on the 14th of July. poster I'm hoping my dream is real.

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  1. You never ever want to know what's really inside someone's mind. Ever!

    There are deep, dark secrets in there. There are monsters that defy decriptions in there. There are places where, once you enter, you will never be able to find your way out.

    The person we are on the outside is nothing like the person we would want to or could be on the inside. It's not a pretty sight.

    Our minds are strictly off limits to anyone but ourselves because only we can control and keep the darkness locked inside.