Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rush Hour @ Manhattan

Print Nowadays, everyone is rushing for time. Manhattan Fish Market knew this era and had introduced the 'Rush Hour@ Manhattan'. This is really convenient, filling as the portion is quite big and the taste is definitely so much nicer compared to other fast food. My impression towards Manhattan : big portion, unhealthy & pricey But, I'd totally changed it after I'd tasted the food in Manhattan. Went there with Coco! DSC_0597 DSC_0485 Citrus mint (RM6.90) This drinks is very refreshing, as I can taste the lime lingering around my tongue and it does make me feel so much comfortable after having a heavy meal. DSC_0492 Flakin' Fun in the Garden (RM13.90) This name is sooo cute :) I love this as I am a salad lover. you will feel healthy when see it. It is a combination of tuna flakes served on a bed of fresh greens with Caesar Chutney or Cajun Honey Mustard dressing. I prefer sweet stuff so I choose the Cajun Honey Mustard. DSC_0530 Flaming Tuna Pie (RM15.90) LOOK AT THIS!!! It just simply too yummy! We can know it is a pie made from tuna from its name, and it is flamed! It is made of chunky tuna bits, packed with sauteed veggies, topped with creamy MOZARELLA! and it is flamed in front of us. nicely done DSC_0509 Shrimp My Pasta (RM16.90) This is a very delicious spaghetti,tossed with succulent sauteed shrimps and sprinkled with chilli flakes. The prawn is BIG & FRESH. But I felt it is a little bit too salty. Wrap 'N Roll (RM 14.90) Wrap 'N Roll ( RM14.90 ) It consists of scrumptious tuna flakes with fresh garden vegetables, wrapped in tortilla and drizzled with the famous Manhattan Flaming Sauce. Actually I think it is Chinese Popiah.But it is very healthy. I like eating the crunchy vegetable inside with the tuna. These are the new casts. This time, the food are more feminine as it consists of more vegetables and less oily food. So, we girls don't need to be too worry:) owww how considerate Manhattan is:) DSC_0551 TADAAA! This is such a big portion and even 2 girls can't finish it too! Manhantan Fish Market 4 Tiramisu Mudpie Mud Pie The texture is really special. it is not cake, not ice cream, not any type of dessert I'd tasted before.When it melted in my tongue, I can feel my taste buds are shouting HOORAY! Manhattan had introduced the 'Takeaway-Friendly' concept for the first time. With this concept, diners can choose to pre-order their meals via a call to their nearest restaurant, swing by the restaurant and their food conveniently waiting to be taken away. This is really a good news to all the food lovers but always rushing for time people out there. So, do not hesitate anymore! Check it out at your nearest Manhattan Fish Market or you can browse their website xoxo


  1. wah...nice pic of u and coco...

    nice food pics too...really enjoy dining at here and of course nice to meet u on that night.

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    nice to meet u too :D