Friday, July 2, 2010


feeling so unwell till forced to skip the chem lecture in this morning. I officially announce that, I lost my voice HOW?! HOW?! HOW?! Tomorrow is the second round for HTC college ambassador, and I actually lost my voice now?! AND! Tomorrow is also my Maths mid term.. How am I going to study for it with this dizzy head? Oh gosh.. What should I do now? Can I use some other way that no need use my voice to introduce myself? Please give me some idea:( ----------------------------------------------------------------------- What should I eat today? I can't walk out and I only got biscuit with me which I can't eat now unless I don't want my throat anymore. I don't like today:( ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm coughing + sneezing. I had flu cough sore throat headache. and I really lost my voice which means I really can't talk. this equals to I'm mute

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