Saturday, July 17, 2010

What If I'm A Russian Spy

I'm a Russian Spy. Believe it or not

HAHAHA definitely none of my friends will believe laaa. why?

1. My face is so chinese.

2. I don't have the criteria of being a spy.

BUT!! I got the X-Factor(I hope)!!

Russian girls are always so pretty. I want to be one T.T

Spy sounds so cool. I want to be one too T.T

So, if my wish was granted, I could be a Russian Spy! WOOHOOOOO

Mother Russia has entrusted me a mission. It sounds impossible but I'm so determined to complete it! What's the mission about?

Trust me, you won't want to know.

WHAT? you still want to know? ermmmm ok la, I will tell you since you're so keen to know it.

It is...

try out ALL the nice food in Malaysia and get the secret recipe back to Russia!

In order to keep fit, I got my partner in crime to assist me in this task.

taiwan footer

First stop: Taiwanese food. Tadaaa!! Here they are! This is in Taiwan Footer. I personally like the ‘coffin bread’ It is so unique and I bet my people will like it too


Second stop: Western food. This is in William’s. I was craving for CHEESE that time, and so, I ordered the food with MOST cheese, which is LASAGNE with meat ball!


Third stop: Turkish food? Hahaha this is some special rice with turkey meat. The portion is sooooo big! And we’re lovin’ it!


4th stop: Chinese food. Best wanton mee ever! The dumpling is made by fresh big prawn. The moment I bite it, I feel WOW


5th stop: Malay food. in pasar pagi. This is called Apam Balik. it has thin skin and normally inside got various types of ingredient. But for me, I love the one with corn and coconut.


6th stop: Ever heard that girls have 2nd stomach for dessert? Hahaha this is made by pure mango. The mango taste is so authentic and match with red bean. I never know mango and red bean can be such a perfect match. That’s truly heaven!

There's insufficient time for me to try every nice food in Malaysia. I'm going back to report and YES!! I will definitely come back here to complete my task again!


  1. LOL russian spy for food recipe~
    Such an interesting start off.

  2. Hey where u had that Turkish food? So rich. ^_^

  3. kai: hahaha because this spy loves food:)
    simon: Hey! haha I had it in William's. it is very nice~