Thursday, August 26, 2010

Funk Up Your BlackBerry with Limited Edition Phone Socks by DiGi

I want the uber CUTEEEE BB limited phone socks! I was browsing through Nuffnang page... and I saw this news which made me WOW-I-WANT! for a week. I started using Digi since I was.. Form 1. Haha Digi provides reasonable plan and package for different circle of users, which is very considerate. SMS and call rate is very cheap too! That makes me hardly get my hand off my phone :p And now, Digi is offering one unbelievable COOL giveaway. FREE BB! I wonder will I be the lucky one? as simple as shown above, and everyone of you got a chance to win a brand new Blackberry Bold 9700! I heard you all were shouting WAHHHHHHHHH. hiak hiak awesome offer from Digi isn't? ok, why I want to have a BB phone socks when I don't have a BB? Reason? There're plenty of reason for me must have it, but the main reason is : I'm getting this for my sister as her 23rd birthday present :) I'm sure she will love it as this is so adorable! No girls can resist cute stuff.. especially this! and and and! each of them got own birth certificate!! OMG how cute can it be! When the BB is wearing the socks, it comes alive! look at the above image, you can see different socks represents different characteristics. My sister treats her BB just like her baby. So a baby needs a baby sock! Then she can make sure her baby BB is always clean and cute:) I think my sister is very suitable for using this. Patchy!! ok I think everything about the socks is cute, so does its name! my sister's zodiac is rabbit and Patchy has cute rabbit ears. yea i know Patchy is a clown but don't you think it looks like rabbit ears? :D so it is actually a Clown+rabbit She loves flowery stuff , just like Patchy's design. Patchy will get along with her BB very well my sister might became like this after using Patchy Wow I think plenty of bees and butterflies are going to fly around my sister. why? after using Blackberry which is an awesome phone and the limited edition phone socks which is another cool item, how can one not becoming awesome? just the look of those wonderful items, they already made my day. Not to say using them everyday, one will become extra pretty/handsome! ehh.. DON'T BELIEVE? Nevermind, I will observe my sister how she change after she get the pretty Patchy...hopefully. LOL. ok? Digi BB plan will turns out very successful as it worth the price and offers the lowest price. But it will become more successful if they hire these SEXY+super HAWT rabbit girls holding BB in front of Digi outlet :D Of course , other phone socks are gorgeous too Hope I got the luck to win this limited edition BB phone socks! I shall say thanks to Digi as well as Nuffnang for giving me such opportunities to win something for my beloved sister ♥Thank You ♥

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