Monday, August 23, 2010

Home-made Marble Cake

Today I will introduce the marble cake which is made by my sister, I'm just helping around. Get ready of the ingredients eggs, flour, yeast,sugar, milk,butter IMG_3067 this is Nutella. I tried it when I was in France, and I'm so addicted to it! IMG_3053 This is yeast which is used in baking cake, pastry n so on. Sis brought it back from France. IMG_3047 this portion will be enough 1. 2 eggs are needed. separate the egg yolk and egg white in two different container. use a hand mixer to blend it IMG_3045 make sure all the egg white became foam-like. leave it aside after done it. 2. in another container, blend the egg yolk. and then slowly add the sugar in. IMG_3048 3. blend till the mixture looks smooth. then add butter and flour in. IMG_3052 dun put all the flour in at 1 shot. portion by portion 4. put the yeast in. then put the egg white into it too. don't use hand mixer to mix two mixture. use a spoon or whatever. mix it till the the mixture looks smooth. 5. take half of it to another container. mix with Nutella. make sure u put the oil paper at the bottom of the container. so that the cake won't stick with the container. 6. pour another half which didn't mix with Nutella into the container. 7.use a chopstick or something thin to draw the pattern randomly IMG_3065 put in the oven and then Voila! IMG_3069 IMG_3073 Simple and nice :)


  1. wow.. nice..
    you know, i love nutella! =D

  2. very nice rite! i love it too :D