Friday, August 6, 2010

Oriental Ramadhan Splendour @ Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant

Please prepare a box of tissue paper before you continue reading this post. Ohh you asking me why? Because this post will make you drool :D ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Citarasa 1 Malaysia Ramadhan Buffet 11 August - 9 September 2010 The best of Malaysia is found at the award-winning Cinnamon Cioffee House this Ramadhan as an abundance of traditional Ramadhan favourites, signature Chinese dishes and delectable Indian temptations as well as stalls featuring Malaysian delicacies are showcased nightly. With a diverse menu of over 100 dishes offered, have an unforgettable feast for the eyes as well as the palate. oneworld_end02 clockwise: Me(white dress), Coco, Michelle, Carmen (Johnson, pinjam ur photo :p) Firstly, thanks for the chefs for preparing the buffet. IMG_2513 Here are the chefs who made various types of food for the buffet, and I did enjoy myself there. IMG_2512 IMG_2510 IMG_2501 IMG_2471 the environment here is freaking good. grand but lovable main course of the day IMG_2459 IMG_2461 IMG_2464 The way they present their food, makes me want to have a bite on everything IMG_2465 IMG_2469 IMG_2470 IMG_2473 how should i express my love towards pasta? IMG_2474 this looks nice but it doesn't taste nice. IMG_2482 FRESH seafood definitely taste heavenly IMG_2500 I didn't get to try this as my stomach is too full that time. but I think it looks very good. IMG_2503 n there're Malay delicacies as well. IMG_2486 my favourtite Japanese food! IMG_2491 guess what is this . hiak hiak IMG_2495 strongly recommend people to try this crispy.. erm biscuit? IMG_2494 U shouldn't miss the bread from here IMG_2504 Chicken rice! IMG_2506 The chef is frying the tempura Now, I would like to introduce the highlight of the day The chef told me it is a camel :) so this is how camel looks like in Malaysia. LOL IMG_2481 no la it is actually a lamb I didn't eat much for the main course. Do you know why? why don't I ask like this.. Do you know what Wilee loves the most? Yes yes you're right. That's DESSERT! is dessert time! woohoooooooo Dessert here didn't disappoint me IMG_2451 very nice decoration IMG_2453 this 1, I like IMG_2454 part of the super many types of dessert IMG_2456 saw the red cake? let's focus to it now IMG_2458 chocolate cake with strawberry. I'm sure it taste 100 times nicer if it is cold 1. IMG_2455 strawberry cake with dragon fruit on top. sweeeet! <3 href="" title="IMG_2477 by wileetee, on Flickr">IMG_2477 special isn't ? IMG_2453 fruit tarts There're lotsa more food that I didn't upload such as fried ice cream, fondue, tau fu fua n etc This is a place which I will suggest people to come when they're really super duper hungry. and of course, come with your friends and family. so that you can try all kinds of food by sharing with them. that's what I did :p The place is cosy, comfortable but a bit pricey. RM98 per adult RM49 per child aged 4-12 ample parking space and surau facility is available First avenue, Bandar Utama City Centre, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel: 603 76811111 Fax: 603 76811188


  1. Lot's of food. Too bad I'm very broke and will be broke.

  2. beautiful pics.. wow.. nice place !!!