Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Stool Pigeon 线人

Watched The stool Pigeon on Merdeka eve. thought everyone will go countdown+watch fireworks and the cinema will be empty, but seems like everyone think the same way as me. Heard about this movie quite some time ago. The cast is tempting me to watch it because Nicholas Tse is the main character!!!!!! When I just started to watch the movie, the first thing I asked was: Is in cantonese ar?? and I get the answer Yes. So I actually looking at the subtitle throughout the movie. Nicholas Tse is bald! but still so cool+handsome! It's surprising that he still looks so nice or even nicer . I always thought people will look weird after became bald. Another WOW of the movie is Guey Lun-Mei. Totally different image and style than what she gave others. That's a good try. She is still pretty but I prefer her previous image. Their acting are need not to say. Fabulous I will rate this movie 4 out of 5 star It is worth watching


  1. Some plot on this movie would be nice ;0

  2. Arghhh not realli like it..
    everyone dies.. ;( thats.. awwwwwwww