Thursday, September 23, 2010

18th Birthday Part 2

On that day, I had lunch in Wong Kok Pavilion to satisfy my craving for cheese baked rice. It is fattening but since it is my birthday, so why not ? hahaha Then had tea time at Chocolate, Pavilion. It looks too tempting for me. Tell me which girl can resist the temptation of chocolate? too bad I was so full. so just order some light ones. 10092010(005) Belgian Waffle. The chocolate taste very good. but I feel the waffle is not so nice. It can be better. besides that, everything is good. yummy :) 10092010(001) Ms Coco. 10092010(003) Snow White. This is my drinks. It is very very very very sweet. have to drink some plain water they provided there . I think that's why they provide free water at the side. 10092010(007) Food of the Gods had a nice time chit chatting there. the place is really suitable for a teatime session. I can imagine I sitting there with my girls chit chatting happily. how nice :) There's lotsa design of chocolate there as well. some is really cute. I hope I can try some next time :) Chocolate makes me feel happy! DSC00515 i like this photo <3 The highlight of the day is in next post:D