Saturday, September 4, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

Are you? I'm. Look at the sad face above then you'll know. How to be moist? eh eh eh don't think about some other thing. I'm talking about my skin :D I spent most of my time in the air cond room. Lecture hall, room, car, shopping mall and many many more. Air cond is everywhere as the weather nowadays are so freaking HOT. and air cond, is also known as skin killer for me. why? it makes our precious skin and lips to become very dry! I hate it! especially when the lips is peeling off. ewwwwww besides, dry skin can cause WRINKLES!! oh no!! nobody wants himself/herself to look like 20 years older than the actual age rite. In fact, everyone wants to look young all the time. But do you know that, when our skin is lack of water, the skin will become like inelastic. Here comes our enemy:wrinkles :S Even when we are not in the air cond room, our skin is still in danger! over exposure to strong sunlight makes our skin dark or maybe sun burnt. Then the skin will look so ugly :( In order to keep our skin moist all the time, Vaseline will definitely be your best choice. When I was in Taiwan for vacation last time, I used up my body lotion and was quite panic because I don't want my skin to be dry for the remaining days. I didn't know what brand to choose as I was in a total stranger place. So, when I stepped into the shop, I looked at various brand of lotion, and my friend suggested me to use Vaseline. Can I say that's a turning point for my skin? LOL My skin was moist all the time after I use Vaseline. This is really an amazing experience I had throughout the years I used body lotion. After a long day, my skin didn't feel dry at all! and when you just apply it on the skin, it won't be too oily too. That allows my skin to breathe But it had been quite some time since I last use Vaseline. i'm going to buy it tomorrow! for the sake of my bad skin now :D I hope this time I can go to the Vaseline poolside party with my friends and have fun together! :D