Monday, September 6, 2010


Just back from Piranha. and I'm still in the state of shock. !@#$^&)*@#%(*_ At first I thought it will not be very scary, but turns out I get shocked from the beginning till the end of the movie. I didn't scream loudly. really. Some scene is really disgusting and makes me want to EWWWWWWWWW a lot times. Kids and people who have weak heart are not advisable to watch. I think the kids will forever don't dare step into the sea. I didn't know fish can be so powerful and scary! I really underestimated them wei. I can't imagine if that happen on me! That's so painful. They are like tearing the flesh. oh gosh I bet guys love watching this movie. Lotsa hot babeh with sexy bikini makes the gentlemen drool. anyway, I don't really like the graphic. Some scene are very fake. Sometimes I feel very scared, but the scene is too fake till I want to laugh. mixed feeling the movie is just average Rate for this movie : 2.5 out of 5 star


  1. exspecially when th bpdy kena teared off xD~

  2. Vampire suck is better than this piranha suck...because, 1.) Use a lot of girl to attract audience attention. 2.) Too short period, and the story telling not good enough. 3.) the old piranha version is a lot better...