Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dewar's Awesome Foursome

I never write about my working experience isn't? because all those are pretty plain and about the same. But this time, I'm going to tell you about an event, that changes my view of perspective. Started on 15 oct, depart to Ipoh. was in Vincent's car with JenNi. He talked things that teachers are not going to teach us in the school and parents are not going to tell us about it. It is about life, ways of thinking and so on. Had lunch in Ipoh. The famous Bean Sprout Chicken! and then dessert from the Funny Mountain! The taufufa in Funny Mountain is really nice. SMOOOOOOOTH! and this is the 1st time I saw drive through dessert shop. People just drive to the side, order what they want, then the waiter will give them the tong sui or whatever. then the customers just eat in the car. After eating, they just put the bowl or cup out, then the waiter wil come collect. cool isn't! It is really awesome when you are craving for some tong sui or dessert but you are rushing for time. Then checked in the Impiana Hotel. It is a 5 star hotel, formerly known as Casuarina. 15102010(006) 15102010 15102010(001) 15102010(002) while waiting for the room, we were sitting in the lobby. Then they served us this cold peach tea which is refreshing. 15102010(003) Our room! JenNi, Melony and I staying in the same room. 15102010(004) Pretty girl :) 15102010(008) dear JenNi and I. she is such a lovely girl :) most of the photos are with her. faster upload photos! 15102010(009) we had our dinner here. a western restaurant 15102010(010) my dinner! which is so big portion @@ 15102010(011) sorry vivian and crystal. lol. JenNi & I sharing this very big glass of apple juice Later on went for pool and some drinks The next day! The Dewar's Awesome Foursome Golf Tournament! held in Meru Valley Golf Club. great place with nice scenery and ambience 16102010(003) Me in my uniform Then it is just another working day.. there're 8 girls on that day. and around erm 150 participants some scene from my booth 16102010(004) 16102010(005) 16102010(006) the housing area beside. Can I stay in here ? 16102010(012) :D 16102010(010) it is quite nice *wink* Had a nice afternoon there, chatting with the participants. I hope they enjoyed the events :) Ever took a bath when working? LOL This time I actually took a bath after the contest ended, before the dinner started. HAHAHA and we girls even get to change to another shirt. We definitely looked better after freshen up. Too bad I didn't take any photo with my another uniform. But it was nice too! 16102010(014) After a long day. changed back to our own clothes. dear Melony <3 href="" title="16102010(015) by wileetee, on Flickr">16102010(015) I miss all the girls very much! Headed back to hotel and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! The next day, have our breakfast in somewhere in Ipoh. 17102010 This bun is very big! and inside is curry chicken 17102010(001) this one with red bean paste both are very niceeeeeeeeeeeee! Melony, nicole and others! I want to try other nice Ipoh food next time!!! Vincent, update photos! cant wait to see :D It is nice chatting with so many different people and this definitely enrich my experience. Overall, this is really a wonderful experience with Dewar's. And I hope I can meet you all again next time! Miss you all x10000000000000000000 xoxo


  1. Did you drink the Dewar while working? :p

  2. y la didnt take pictures on that new uniform la..then you should come to work at this CIMB PGA Golf tour eh..

    so i got some 1 to talk to over here..:D


  3. haha nobody find me go work for that event mah! hahaha XD