Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gen. Chem. 2 Assignment : Chemical Properties of Alkenes

Saw my Gen. Chem. 1 assignment before? Still remember how 4 of us rock Chemistry? If you never watch before, watch it now at here! This time, 3 more guys joined us in the fun! 20102010 haha were taking video 20102010(004) waiting for my scene, act as a fierce girlfriend. lol 21102010(002) transforming to a nerd. HAHAHA frankly speaking, I love the 1st video more than my 2nd video. but it was fun too acting with the guys! excited to watch the next video? Click here to view and give some comment :)


  1. I didn't know chemistry assignment requires video recording and stuffs liddat! So cool (: I like alkenes lol

  2. haha it is not necessary! just need to do a presentation on the topic chosen. and we love acting! so here comes the video :)

  3. Wah , awesome video ! Nice ! Your nerd look and so fierce whey . And is coco in the video also ? =D