Thursday, October 28, 2010

Food Science Professor's First Appearance

i support jayren hann yaw Today is just another plain schooling day, as usual. Then dear WanChi wanted to go Old Town, so, Valerie, TzeYen, Wanchi and I went to the Old Town outside our school for a yumcha session. I first entered the cafe, then there's one waiter simply point to inside and asked me to sit inside. Then the other girls came. Nobody layan them at all. Ok nvm, then there's one malay girl called Siti came to give us menu. typical way of giving menu with no smile and not friendly face. Was not so happy at that time. suddenly wanchi mentioned about the comment form. So valerie went to get some. I think this action made the supervisor and staff there have a '2 Pi Change' . They became so friendly! Even the voice also became so sweet. lol wth Then we started playing with the form. Lotsa laughter throughout the yumcha session. Here is our comment form. we're just being very honest The peanut butter toast damn cheating lo. i cant taste any peanut butter! requested for creamless ice red bean but when the drinks came, we saw it full with cream. wth hello supervisor cant u understand english? hahaha well this time we just randomly spotting out the problem for Old Town Taman Connaught. we didn't have bad intention ok? this new entertainment will definitely be our group's weekly/monthly event. lol and this cures Wanchi's stomachache! :D Don't be offended:) Don't hate us, we're kind :D Check out WanChi's post here !


  1. Wahaha i like your comment "Supervisor must listen properly to customer's order" Good job :)

  2. LOL nice work there~ *thumbs up*