Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PARAMORE Live In Kuala Lumpur

Thanks to Simon, so I get to watch Paramore Live In Kuala Lumpur! It was held on 19 Oct 2010 in Stadium Bukit Jalil image201010190006 IMG_3264 entrance to the Rock Zone IMG_3266 this is how Rock Zone looked like before the concert started. we reached there not too early, so we can see everyone is squeezing at front like sardine fish. and also the crew setting up the things. everytime they came out once then people wil start screaming. made me thought Paramore appeared on stage edi=.= but yea, that excitement is simply awesome:) I get to see every member of Paramore clearly with my eyes, not from the screen. HAPPY! <3 IMG_3281 I love her voice in Live IMG_3275 IMG_3273 IMG_3279 favourite part of the night IMG_3284 look at the effect! It was really nice IMG_3286 then at the end of the concert, these colourful paper/plastic/whatever were pumped(?) out from somewhere. and the sky, floor , people are all covered with these. HAHAHA IMG_3289 Simon & Jessica after the concert Paramore is fabulous! They sang quite a number of songs in the 1 n half hour concert. And I'm loving every song they performed! I enjoyed the concert very much, except for the part where the people in front/beside me keep on jumping like nobody's business,never bother about others and keep on stepping on me. My pink Crocs became grey Crocs wei=.= We all sweat like one kind, I think I looked like just finish bathing after the concert. LOL Thanks Simon once again! Hope to see Paramore again <3


  1. tehtarikdrinker: rock style ! :D
    ken: haha yes it is:)

  2. Sha: Because we posed as rockers lol
    Wilee: Glad you had fun. You're welcome ;)