Friday, October 8, 2010

You Again?

poster No matter how kind you are, I think everyone will loathe someone, at least one. Am I right? You can just dislike the way he talks, the way she dress or even his looks. I normally just ignore those people who are quite annoying/irritating/arrogant. But, of course, there's someone whom I really hate her to the core. She is someone who is pretty, clever and yeah,bitchy. I like her too when I first met her as she is such an attractive girl in our age. She knows how to dress up herself, knows how to speak good English and flirt withe the guys. I don't hate her because of all these and still treated her as my friend. Started to dislike her when I found that she two-timed both of my friends, and love to backstab others. although gossiping is every girl's nature, but she acts like good friend in front of someone, at the back talking bad about her or telling others what she knew from that unlucky someone. Luckily I don't need to face her anymore as I'm in uni now. Hopefully I won't see her anymore. That's what I thought when I just finish my high school. BUT!! same thing happened again even after my sec school, and it is all cause of her again! The first thought in my mind was: what?! you again?!!! ok let's pray she will not appear in my life anymore *finger crossed*

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