Friday, November 19, 2010

Candice & Wilee 's UCSI one day trip

yesterday Candice & I were feeling so bored as we had a 4 hours break. So, we'd decided to take the shuttle bus to North Wing ( we're studying in South Wing) . First time in UCSI, we had the feeling of chasing the school bus. LOL we actually watching the shuttle bus move away right in front of us. WHY LA UNCLE U DON'T WANT WAIT FOR US! Wanted to try the Iranian food there, but the guard told us, it wanted to open an Iranian stall since erm last year? But till now, it still not opening yet. *disappointment* So, I just had my lunch in the cafeteria there, because we wanted to try the sambal there :D FYI, South Wing library cafeteria serve the best sambal so far :) but it depends on the chef's mood, there was once the sambal was so watery. Then, since we got too much free time, we started to do funny and stupid thingy. For complete story, read it at here. Candice got the complete version of story. This post is just add in some part that she missed out. 18112010(015) Us after 1 day of fun in UCSI 18112010(009) ok this is so lame, but can u see us ? LOL btw we discovered some places that we never passed by/entered before. took the chance to explore my own uni after erm 2 semester? and ucsi actually got nice compound. LOL I SHOULDN'T BE BLOGGING NOW AS I GOT ALGEBRA&TRIGONOMETRY MIDTERM TOMORROW! ok bye people, have fun reading the story and enjoy the photos in Candice's post 18112010(002) Yours truly:)