Friday, November 26, 2010

Stop Child Abuse!

Child abuse is the physical, sexual or emotional mistreatment of children. I don't know why people bear to see a little tiny kid crying in front of you. When you see his/her skinny little body, how can you even bear to hit the kid? What right do you have to hit a human being without any valid reason? Why should the children become a tool to vent your anger? I don't know whats wrong with those pedo fella. They are just kids. What do you expect from their tiny body? Sexual abuse is the one which I detest the most. I always cry when I read about child abuse. I'm glad that I was brought up in a healthy happy warm family which my parents showered their love and care equally to 3 of their daughters. Click on this post if you read chinese . This is a very sad story about a China lil girl. It never fail to make me cry everytime I read it. I used to put in many pictures in my blog post, but this time, I didn't put any. Photos related to child abuse are so scary and and made me feel heartache. I'm not someone who love kids so much but I treat them as human being. I respect them, as another individual. I hope these acts of child abuse will stop one day. Please, I don't want to see sad face on those children. Raise your hand, stop child abuse now. It'll never be too late. unicef

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