Sunday, December 12, 2010

Alviss Kong.

You guys know about the hottest news in our society and social network circle recently? Yes I think you know which incident am I referring to.
That's about Alviss Kong 江世丰.
I can't help but have to comment on it.
For people who don't know what's going on, you can read the story here.
He was a very handsome 22 years old young guy. And according to my friend, he was a pro in gaming. He won 3rd place in some game competition. He spoke fluent Japanese as well.
So he got a pretty lenglui girlfriend,BinLuii . He knew her in a club. He love the girl so much. He confessed to her 5 times and finally, one last time, he successes.
He dated the girl for about 4 months. This girl always wanted to break up with him. And finally, they broke up. He tried all means to get her back but fail.
As he was so sad and heartbroken, he decided to commit suicide. He set a date n time which is on 9 Dec 2010 12am, jump down from the condo he was staying. Before he committed suicide, he said goodbye to his sister and friends through Facebook. In the last 45 minutes of his life, he did nothing but on Facebook.
He left his last note in his Facebook page. It is in chinese btw.
I can feel how sad is he and how much he love the girl when he was writing it. He kept asking people don't blame the girl, because this was his own choice.
I feel, if there's someone who is willing to talk to him at that time, things might have change?
He jumped down from 14th floor of Cheras Ketumbar Height on 12am, and passed away around 9 in the morning. His own dad recognize his son's pants when he heard a big noise and saw someone is lying down there. For more accurate, is stucked in the car. I can't imagine how sad was his dad that time. He died cause of loss of blood.
Heard that the car owner scolded him in Facebook, asking him to choose an empty place to jump=.= super evil
The girl did come to hospital and wanted to see the bf. But his sister didn't allow the gf to do so.
This incident became a very big issue in Facebook and local news. This is the 2nd case edi. Somemore, the girl and the guy both are very good-looking. People left comment in his page,may him rip , some scolded him for being silly, some praised him as a hero. He got a page named 'Alviss Kong's Graveyard' , a fan page and someone made a video for him too.
All these I'm feeling alright. But yesterday I saw something, I think that is ridiculous.
ok here comes the reason why am I writing this post.
There's someone wants to build a temple for him. view this page
Seriously, I think this is too much.
What are you trying to tell the world? Please commit suicide after you broke up with your gf/bf? This is not a right message people.
I know that he was a devoted guy, and I'm really pity of him. But don't you think you should just let him rest in peace, instead of building a temple for him? Do you expect the ex gf come to the temple everyday to repent or whatsoever ?
Let bygones be bygones, the girl still got a long way to go. Spare the girl la. She is only 18.
She should learn from this incident.
Don't talk bad about the guy or the girl anymore k. We never know what actually happen between them rite. Both of them are my friend's friend. Although I don't know them, but I still feel sad. I don't agree to what he had done anyway.
I'm sorry if I offense anyone or any that I wrote is untrue, do correct me if I was wrong.
Just leave me a comment will do.
*Our life is not only belong to ourselves, it is given by our parents. Think twice before make any decision that might hurt yourself. There're always family and friends who love us be there for us.
If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were - Khalil Gibran
May you Rest In Peace.


  1. If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were. truly a great article you wrote.

  2. I heard there is even a group asking people to donate blood for him lol he's dead alrdy how could that be possible. People are so exaggerating sometimes.

  3. Nice! but sure I can't sleep again tonight. xD
    cause I will keep on remembering the articles I read about this kid. TT
    Last night can't sleep cause I read a few articles about him, than keep on thinking the way he died.
    haiz. :(

  4. All this attention to this case is sending the wrong message to people, especially teenagers, that if things go wrong suicide is cool. I am sure many copycats are out there and this case won't be the last. What this person Alvis did was stupid and self centred. What was he trying to prove by taking his own life? Teens need to be told that when you have a life in the cyber-world make sure you come out it once a while and face reality.

  5. so pity..why do you do like that?maybe his too despressed..but btw Hope His Happy At there..

  6. so pity..why do you do like that?maybe his too despressed..but btw Hope His Happy At there..

  7. Taking your own life is never a solution. Do not attempt to copy what Alviss did. He took his own life in a moment of stupidity and when he is in the grip of depression.

    If there is a lesson in this case it is that we should pay more attention to our close friends and/or loved ones. If we think that someone is depressed, we should spend some time talking to them or be by their side. Depression is the no. 1 cause of all suicides. So please spare some time to be by those who you think is depressed, no matter how trivial the problem may be and never ever take lightly when someone says they want to end it all.

  8. ur so very right alphaKKC

  9. sam: thanks:)
    hilda: what?! that's crazy
    pris: ya lo.. really sad.. haiz
    anonymous: agree with u
    alphakkc: strongly agree!

  10. Alviss, may you RIP and be happier in ur next life. Personally, i dont agree with what he did, and i also think some of this is giving the wrong impression to the younger generation. Fact is, the girl was cheating on him with the ex. And he knew Devil Bin frequently lies to him yet why does he torment himself? I guess he just lost it for the moment, not that i would know. Such a pitiful story and loss of young life.

  11. Loveless -

  12. He set a bad example to our society. U tried to correct it. Kudos to u :D

    Keep blogging!

  13. cn u enter his blog ma??
    if u cn....n cn u tel wat method tat u use to c his blog?

  14. anonymous: nope i cant access as well.
    buffalo: thanks :)

  15. I've veen in a situation like this guy before. But thank god at that time I decided to keep God close (a Muslim guy btw)

  16. R.I.P... i'm coming to accompany you, my friend.. U are brave.. u are the hero... I am sorry, k.. i love you most forever.. i am sorry...

  17. Dear, I do agree with what you say. Both of them are sooo good looking and the dad must beeee shocked and extremently PAIN lost but fact is fact, It's his choice. *sigh*

    But in love relationship we can blame nobody

  18. I feel sad with reading this guy story .. Neither the guy prthe gal wrong .. Is their choice .. I do hope god will forgive him n may he be a happier person in his next life

  19. I echoed most of the views above (and the rest of the World) as this is a sad news for the guy's family as he chose the path which is not the most obvious & logigal.

    No matter how good or bad the gf is/was, don't think she can make anyone jump fr the 14th floor except the guy himself. His choice. Worth it or not, let him decide.

    RIP Alvis.

  20. 四个字来形容条笨七,‘’ 废材白痴‘’。喂, 要死也先要找清条‘’父母亲债‘’先得咯!


  21. he should had changed his life with the terminally illed people! what a waste of life!

  22. this is a devastating news. pity him. :'(

    RIP Alviss.

  23. In my opinion, this guy totally stupid. He thought that commiting suicide is a solution between him & his gf. Seems like his soul will not rest in peace & his soul will be in Hell. Plus, commiting suicide will not guarantee him enter to Heaven. Hell is waiting 4 u dude. RIP~alviss

  24. I agree your opinion actually, life is really so treasure, and plase dont do anything that let the people who love us and always support us.. we must take our courage & wisdom to challenge our problem.. We must always thinkking positives.. And i oso hope the girl dont be so said.. Cuz she oso dont want tis happen i think.. And really hope she will learn & understand something from this incident.. We must appreciate our life.. Especially youth..

  25. A very bad and stupid move he made! Wonder if he knows how much care and love his family gave to him since his 1st day to this world, and how much care and love do all his friend gave to him???

    Because of this 1 same matter??? I really wonder if that girl feel nothing on his committed suicide, is it really worth it to let all your friends and family so sad on your death?

    "身体发肤 受之父母 不敢毁伤 孝之始也"
    If i would like to ask more: "Have you finish paying your parents???"

  26. From my perception, life is challenging and wonderful. Not a single minute should be wasted.

    Therefore, I agree with your sentences 'What are you trying to tell the world? Please commit suicide after you broke up with your gf/bf? This is not a right message people.'

    My fren besides me states 'He (Alviss) must think carefully/logically before he decides to jump down because he has to think about his parents' effort and love. And also, parents provide education for children. In addition, parents want children to have happy life and they have duty to take care of them.'

  27. I agree that ending our own life is a stupid act~ But if he is having a clear mind like "normal" people at that moment, a 22 years old boy won't think to end his life this way~ I believe that he feels so depressed that moment, so please put your leg in his shoe and stop scolding him.

    I'm not encoraging people to suicide, but hope that everyone can care for people beside you. If.. the frens o family can give him sometime,we can change the ending of this sad news..!


  28. 一个正常的人,不会用死来解决问题~
    你们不会明白他的处境,他在需要别人关心的时候... 你们在吗?他那时候的思想,会有多少人明白?他,如果在当时能那么看得开,他不会想到家人吗? 他不会想到要把自己的中心点从那女人的身上移开吗?分析及感受一下吧~
    他是不会想~可我们身边的很多人,甚至我们自己..在某些时候都会这种“不懂该怎么做”的情况发生!所以,关心一下身边的人吧~ 往往无意中,你已经救了一个人~


  29. TOO STUPID ... !!! huh

  30. If time can turn back. Will alvis do it like before ? I think he regret now..

  31. i soo agree with what you're talking

  32. you wrote :I feel, if there's someone who is willing to talk to him at that time, things might have change....

    Actually his older sister talked to him 2 hours before he jumped...

    Here is the news:
    “It was the first and the last time he said he loved me in 22 years of knowing him. And now, he’s gone,” sobbed air stewardess, Chelvin Kong, 28, recalling her last conversation with her brother.

    He committed suicide in the wee hours of Wednesday last week. Stating she and her brother, Alviss, 22, had drifted apart since she moved to Brunei after getting married and joining the Royal Brunei Airlines some nine years ago, they still stayed in touch via Facebook.

    "I would check his status updates on Facebook before going to bed and we would tease and exchange comments with each other," Chelvin told The Malay Mail.

    She became concerned when she saw Alviss' status at 11.15pm on Tuesday, stating there was a 45-minute countdown to the end of his life.

    “At first, I thought he was joking," said Chelvin. "What freaked me out was him asking me to take care of the family, especially my mum.”

    Taken aback by Alviss' comments, Chelvin said: “Never once had he expressed such mushy words in all the years I had known him.”

    Chelvin then tried to call her brother about 1.30am.

    When she did not get a response, she contacted her father to check on Alviss. Her father told her Alviss was at his usual mamak spot near their apartment, having a drink with his friends.

    Chelvin then persuaded her father to go to the mamak stall and call her from there.

    “I spoke to Alviss when my father passed the phone to him. When I scolded him for not answering his handphone, his excuse was he had not heard it ringing. He told me the Facebook comments were just a joke and that he was pulling a prank on his friends.

    ”During the call, Chelvin said he assured her everything was fine and told her to go to sleep. Reassured, Chelvin called it a night. Thus, she was shocked to get a call from her father later at 3.30am telling her Alviss had jumped off the 14th floor of the apartment building.

    “I heard a loud noise and when I looked down from the veranda. It was Alviss lying covered in blood on a car at the ground floor," he had told her.

  33. hmm.. RUBBISH!!! he's such a pain in the ass, totally a loser..

  34. A very comprehensive post of urs. :)
    Btw, I have mix feelings of sad and pity after hearing about that news. Sigh.

  35. People break up everyday all over the world, don't kill yourself for a girl. Don't be an idiot. Romeo and Juliet is friggin' fiction! Please value your life, people!

  36. Since the day he died..I have been Google a lots about him..I have friends was his friends when he is alive...been askin around wat kind of guy he is...very curious...cant believe there's a guy will suicide bcos of love...there's alwiz a choice in is not a game...2 bet on n 2 end wit.....bcos...there's no second's a waste bcos there's still alotzz of things tat u can do den end de life like tat...ppl said he is a coward, a de time he step out from de building n jump off...not many ppl dare 2 do tat rite? is 14th flr...not 4th...he muz b very fed up since he choose 2 giv up everythin......R.I.P...he will alwiz in de memories of his family n frenZz.....

  37. Only the heart knows its own sorrows.

    Right or wrong, wise or unwise he exercised his right to die for what he believed in or hoped for. Like countless others who died in the name of politics, nationalism, religion, freedom etc.

    A Romeo true to his quest for the illusive Love.

    Video in his tribute:

  38. I like you england!

  39. stupid alviss!!...pity on your family

  40. He is actually selfish and has taken revenge for his breakup. Imagine how depressed will his gf be..