Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cambodian Cultural Village, Siem Reap

After visiting the silk farm and Tonle Sap Lake, we checked in the hotel. It is Royal Palace Hotel. 4 star hotel and it is quite nice. IMG_4895 IMG_4888 IMG_4890 IMG_4891 IMG_4892 the just wake up look Then we headed to the Cambodian Cultural Village. There are many small villages in it which representing each ethnic. The ticket is 11 dollar/person. IMG_4903 IMG_4905 lotsa performances are waiting for us ! IMG_4906 It is so big! impossible for us to finish it in 1 afternoon. 1st stop : we visited the museum. many stories are told. get to know about the very beginning dynasty of Cambodia DSCN2700 During the Angkor time, people don't wear shirt. DSCN2698 DSCN2703 specimen 2nd stop: Wax Museum IMG_4921 Muslim are belong to the Cham ethnic DSCN4114 This is one of the concubine during Angkor time IMG_4911 This is the King Jayavaraman 7 and his queen, Indradevy DSCN2713 In old or new building, this kind of rocks can be found almost everywhere. it used for wall and street. This is volcanic rock (direct translate it , not sure correct or not :/ ) or in chinese is 火山岩. Rocks around volcano The scenery around us is superb. IMG_4932 DSCN2716 DSCN4153 DSCN4143 nice scenery around us when walking around in the village So we walked till this place. It got all the mini size of famous architecture in Cambodia below are the example DSCN4131 Royal Palace DSCN4134 Independence Monument Some random thingy along the pathway DSCN4158 DSCN4159 DSCN4139 most of the Cambodian are Buddhist. a lot of statue in here Then we went to the Chinese village for the performance IMG_4942 The performers are powerful. Like these 3 person's performance the most as they are so funny and cute ! IMG_4949 Story about 梁山伯与祝英台 IMG_4950 Going to the next stop ! IMG_4955 That is... IMG_4956 the Kola village! IMG_4957 photo taken with the performer and the monkey behind. the monkey is eating sweets that mum gave it. it is so professional wei. it purposely stay there for so long to take photo. right after I took the pic, he ran to other place So this time the performance is talking about the wedding ceremony of the ethnic IMG_4959 3 guys who are Chinese,Indian and Muslim want to get married with a pretty girl in the village. So they tried hard to catch the girl's attention IMG_4961 They ran away when the brother and sis-in-law came back At night, 3 of them went to the girl's house to disturb her. But beaten by her. lol The next day, the girl wants to choose a husband. and tadaa ! she chose a korean boy ! IMG_4964 thumbs up to that guy who is willing to take off everything . lol IMG_4966 The ceremony. He got a pretty girl as wife ! lol We went to so many villages and watched many performances. This is the last performance we watched. DSCN2742 Phnorng Village They are selecting a chief. Then after selected, they got some ceremony and killed a cow. Went to the Judgement Tunnel and Ghost House too. mr tang never tell us it is a ghost house ! After we entered, we just looked around and think everything is alright. Then suddenly we heard a bunch of people screaming behind. Then suddenly somebody hold my hand ! I get shocked, so I turned to see who is this. Guess what? is a Korean girl who scare by the 'ghost' , running and screaming all the way. Somemore not only one person like this. I got scare not because of the ghost, but cause of the girls wei=.= btw the 'ghost' hid in somewhere dark with all black attire, could just suddenly hold ur ankle or what. enjoyed ourselves in the Cambodian Culture Village ! Althought we spent one afternoon in here, we still couldn't finish visiting all the places. nvm, next time :) with love


  1. Wooh nice trip to Cambodia. Hope I'll have the time and dough to make overseas trip this year.

  2. Royal Palace Hotel.? Wow sounds grand! I like the canopy, I can feel the wind~ ah...

  3. my first day of class was so stressful!
    i wanna be on holidays again!

  4. simon,hocan,y-square, steph : yes i enjoyed it :)
    yilie: mine still ok but can feel this sem gonna be creepy :/ yes i want hols too !

  5. Nice cambodia sharing. We are going there this June! Hope to hear more from you about Cambodia! :)

  6. Sure! stay tune :)
    2 more posts on cambodia :D