Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Early Christmas Party!

Please don't scold me for blogging now. I need to destress. Final exam made me barely breathe. And yeah! I just finished my 4th subject 1 hour ago. the last subject will be on next Monday, then I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D So back to the topic. If you guys did follow me on Twitter, you'll know how excited am I for this party. Opss if you haven't do so, follow me now :) 2 weeks ago, Candice asked me whether did I receive the invitation from UCSI regarding to the party. I was like: WHAT?! party organized by the uni? and it is soooooo early! one more reason I wanted to go: I actually didn't't know who are the other scholars. So I shall take this chance to meet the other 1st year scholar. Anyway, we won't miss out any party, so we started to think about clothes make up and so on. I was really excited! Time to dress up girls! Think about it, party with my Vice Chancellor, Chief Operating Officer of Foundation and other top leadership in UCSI.. I bet it gonna be interesting. BUT DO YOU KNOW THAT IT IS IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR FINAL EXAM?! brilliant =.= lets start the story. This party was held on 3 Dec 2010 at BOS hall of UCSI North Wing. IMG_4701 #1 While waiting for the arrival of the guests, there're x'mas carol throughout the time. Feeling so Christmas by the time I just stepped into the hall. Then the party started by the welcome and introduction by the emcee of the day: Eleazar IMG_4707 #2 YBhg Dato' Peter Ng , Chairman of UCSI Group, Trustee of UCSI University Foundation IMG_4711 #3 Our GURU BESAR! Ms. Margaret Soo , Chief Operating Officer of UCSI University Foundation She sang 'It Came Upon A Midnight Clear' live. hahaha so cute I like talking with her. She is fun and willing to listen to students' problem. She is from JB too! :D IMG_4712 #4 Candice looks so gorgeous that night! like her dress very much! i know i know.. isocks IMG_4714 #5 X'mas Carol time. Candle is a must I like the view when everyone was holding a candle. It made everyone looked extra gorgeous. lol IMG_4717 #6 She said this photo is Gothic, thats why she love it :) and yea I like it too :) Then it's dinner time. I can't wait for it. Ms Margaret told me there's turkey , and the emcee kept emphasis on the turkey too. So in my mind, it is all about turkey. lol IMG_4723 #7 Since it is a x'mas party, there's one thing that can't be missed.. the Yule Log cake! It is coffee flavour and it tastes so nice IMG_4724 #8 lamb, salad, potato main dish of the night! IMG_4726 #9 by the time I went to take , the turkey became like this. IMG_4725 #10 The chef who serving the turkey slices to us IMG_4728 #11 with some sauce, it tastes so nice! IMG_4730 #12 wrote christmas message . (ehh you haven't show me ur nail ring=.= today too stress with chemistry edi) IMG_4731 #13 and this is mine IMG_4734 #14 After dinner, we went back to the hall. IMG_4736 #15 IMG_4750 #16 people were putting their Christmas message on the Christmas tree IMG_4737 #17 hello your fishnet super sexy la! I want! IMG_4739 #18 Next time my house want to put this kind of sofa, so comfy IMG_4741 #19 rock-star-wanna-be IMG_4743 #20 snowman with a pretty girl :D This snowman was done by the emcee and an architecture student in 1 day. quite cute rite? IMG_4748 #21 Candice's idea IMG_4751 #22 with (forgot name), caryn, me, kahyee, michelle They all super lenglui! *like* Then we played some games IMG_4752 #23 Fireside Talk by Dr. Robert Bong, Vice Chancellor of UCSI University, Trustee of UCSI University Foundation of course there's no fire. lol but it was a nice talk by Dr. Robert Bong. He shared his story with us Then it was gift exchange time! hahaha All of us made a big circle with our present on hand. Then Ms Margaret started to tell us a story. When she mentioned left/right, we have to pass the present to left/right. hahaha nice IMG_4754 #24 The red present is from UCSI while the other is my present from the gift exchange session IMG_4758 #25 With Dr. Robert Bong IMG_4762 #26 Candice and ZiNing We had a group photoshooting session by the professional photographer. and also wishing Merry Christmas to the video cam. Our faces gonna appear on the TV screen in UCSI. LOL IMG_4764 #27 going home with presents and a love note from Ms Margaret. LOL IMG_4768 #28 I found that I took almost same photo with the stickers/cards that got my name on it everytime I came back from event=.= Let's see what I got. I like the feeling when opening a present. IMG_4772 #29 why I got this!! I'm on diet la=.= IMG_4756 #30 A Right To Lead IMG_4780 #31 so cute! (can see that I was studying for algebra & trigonometry rite=.=) Candice, upload the pics we took ! An early Merry Christmas to all of you who read this post !
IMG_4779 with love


  1. The right to lead? Hahah.. sounnds interesting XD

  2. hahaha yupe. that book is interesting

  3. Hi Im Jon Foong(a fren of wan chi). Just dropping by to tell u that I like ur prom photos.You have a nice smile,can be clearly seen in the last photo.

  4. hey, she mentioned u before. haha thank you:)