Sunday, May 30, 2010

Can i stop the time

I'm going back to cheras in an hour time. Can I don't go back? went out whole day yest. nonstop eating wei. highlight of the day is Swensen ice cream:) Ohhh Season's has buy one scoop free one scoop Swensen's now. 1 scoop RM6.90 only! an advice from me: do not order Oreo N Cream. but strawberry flavour is GOOD. looking at the yummy pinky reddish strawberry in the ice cream makes me happy :D asked what i want but didn't get the answer I want. c'est la vie

Saturday, May 29, 2010

2nd last day in JB

put someone airplane today. sorry:( yest went out and finally get to eat something that I wanted to eat for so long! this stall disappear for quite some time. and now, finally i saw it again! I never know what is this kuih called. so I asked the malay guy. he said it is 'Abang Balik' ? well i really don't know. But who cares! the food is nice. I love the coconut+jagung taste. sweet and nice. it has a taste that make me kind of addicted to it. too bad i cant find any other place which selling this. if got please tell me k? tyvm:) going back cheras with min er tomorrow. another 4 hours of travelling :x got so many things to bring up. don't feel like go back lehhh My Beauty Diary is really good! I like it so much now<3Provence Lavender Mask. I feel that my skin is breathing after using it. I'm not exagerrating, really! I'll try other mask next time and see how does it feel after use. love it<3 can someone buy all types of My Beauty Diary for me? haha XD haha anyone who want to buy? It is only RM3 per piece. It really worth the price!

Friday, May 28, 2010

JB here I am

BACK TO JB!! time before went back home seems ridiculous long. the only thing i remember after my chem lecture is the only sentence that Ms. Marisol said. Barney says: Sharing is caring:) went to min er they all's house after lunch. it looks good seriously. chit-chatted for quite some time. we nearly cant get on to the bus! min er and i were worried that we have to waste our bus ticket. so we ran all the way from lrt station to the bus. Luckily, we were just on time:) chatted with her. it is always nice chatting with her. get to know stuff that I never expect O.o report to TingRui right after i finish my dinner. Steady hor XD u take care of urself in mmu la. dun play too much k Didn't feel well on yest night till today:( whats wrong with me laaa Coco dearie was sick yest. I'm so worried. Take care k I better finish up my lab report now before wanchi asks it from me again. but why is it so difficult to write a lab report! I NEED HELPPPPP!!! To be continued, tonight perhaps:) if i feel hardworking :p ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone want to buy My Beauty Diary mask? all types are available. ready stock. 1 piece is only RM3. if buy more then can get cheaper price. i'm helping my cousin. thats y can get this price ya. leave a comment to tell me if u r interested <3

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Another long long day:) Went to gym after statistics lecture with Wanchi as the tutorial class was canceled. Burnt lotsa fats I supposed. WANCHI!!!!!!!!!!!! PHOTOS PLEASE:) photos wil be uploaded soon i guess, if i managed to get it from wanchi successfully with this sucky connection. well she uploaded some in her blog too. so, take a look:)
Liwen,Valerie,Serene and others! next time we go together k:)i'll remember to call u all one. next week next week:D Nearly lost my phone,again. I left it in the gym. How blur can I be? Luckily it is stil lying on the table when I rushed back to find it. Oh please, I really don't want to be so blur anymore. Got back my student card today! Really feel lucky this time. Thanks Mr. Tham for giving back the card to me. It saves my RM25. So the time I waited yest was paid off. hahaha. Hope this card will stay with me safely till I finish my degree. yea hopefully=.= Get to know new friends, Teddy and Kiwi. Milk is good:) Feeling so regret when I went to Maths lecture few hours after gym. AND, Wanchi is a bad influence. HAHAHA. Ohya, sorry liwen, u know wanchi is always so noisy :p Hang out with coco,jack n nana at night. Dinner in Kaki Corner didn't leave a good impression to me:( Why others' portion so big n taste so nice, but mine just totally opposite:( nvm, that means tomorrow will be a lucky day! Time to off, bye for now:)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello! :)

I'm back to blogspot! Today is the day which matriculation result released. unfortunately i still fail to get it. so i m meant to stay in UCSI. 2 scholarships interview in a week. Decided not to go at all. and ignoring the new era scholarship as well. I guess I will just stick with UCSI scholarship. Don't think about other stuff anymore. Life at here.. so far so good. Had awesome friends:) Love them<3 But getting to feel bored to 'service' in the biotech lab. if there's no attire restriction in the lab, maybe i will be more motivated. Had done two quizzes last week. For chem, I think I did pretty well but not for Statistics:( I fell into Ms.Winne's trap:( here gone my 5% Hope that I'll be more careful on Mid-Term. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I miss saying Hi, smile and wave to my friends in secondary school whenever I go. At here,I will be so surprised if I suddenly met someone I know. My dear cotton ball passed away on yesterday morning. I cried when I called my mum to ask about this:( I miss him:( Okay dokay. No more emo emo stuff. Here comes some happy happy thingy! I'm going back to JB in like.. erm 3 days time?:D going back on Thurs afternoon, and not sure when will i be coming back. If Sunday night then have to take taxi. don't like it. or.. should I come back on Monday morning? owww u know I don't want to skip moral studies, like seriously, but i was forced to if i coming back on Mon:D So! I no need to think about what should I eat on next meal on that few days. Yeahh! And I need some home-cooked food!<3 Biscuit is my main food almost everyday at here. I think I'm going to try finish all kinds of biscuit in these few years. Is it a good or bad thing? Hehe So, a short post for today first. A more detailed,better and with photo one next time when I have my camera and the I-want-to-blog mood. Do visit here often next time k? I will try to keep it alive and not like the previous one. I will miss you:)