Tuesday, September 28, 2010

18th Birthday Part 3

The Purple Party! If you know me well, you will know how much I adore purple. So, the dress code for my birthday dinner is PURPLE! This post gonna be full with photos ! 61857_147538705286385_100000907702362_229659_6716930_n Dear Maggie came all the way to here just to wish me Happy Birthday and give me a present. She had to rush back to somewhere else to continue her assignment. How sweet of her! 62222_147538638619725_100000907702362_229655_1678919_n 61857_147538711953051_100000907702362_229660_7891879_n afterthat she went off :( these are us before dinner start My dinner was awesome! Grilled salmon there is really good. For the first time, food that I order is nice and big portion. FYI, everytime I go to a new place, I somehow will order the smllest portion or maybe something that is not nice. I don't know why :/ We were chit chatting happily. It had been some time since I last met with some of them. Then suddenly, something covered on my head=.= IMG_2874 ok i look so freaking ugly. just want to show how surprise I was. IMG_2873 I had no idea why I want to make that face Then a very pretty cake appeared in front of me! IMG_2838 IMG_2834 All my favourites are on it!!! I'm sure Coco ordered this. Nobody know me so well like she does <3 href="" title="IMG_2879 by wileetee, on Flickr">IMG_2879 My most favourite part on birthday IMG_2880 this helmet /hat/ whatever is heavy! Then, it is photo taking time! IMG_2884 This is Winnie. yea she got the same name as my younger sister. so she is my sister too :D IMG_2888 Coral! It had been months since I last saw her IMG_2889 Steven! yer why my necklace like that=.= IMG_2890 WengSern! IMG_2886 and finally is COCO! Do we look alike? *wink* IMG_2897 I can't bear to cut the pretty cake! IMG_2899 The photo in front the cake is from SOULed OUT. They are so fast! After sang birthday songs they took the photo. After I took photo with my friends, the waiter gave me this edi. very fast rite! IMG_2900 I didn't know my hair is that long now IMG_2911 I love flower! I seriously can't bear to eat it wei. It is chocolate btw. awesome all the purple part are chocolate. and there are white chocolate at the side too. guess what is the flavour of the cake? It is soooooo special till I don't think anyone try this flavour before. curious? hiak hiak is Cempedak flavour! surprisingly it is very nice! Sunny's skill is seriously superb. IMG_2902 eating the delicious macaron IMG_2903 Happy 18th birthday to me again :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

18th Birthday Part 2

On that day, I had lunch in Wong Kok Pavilion to satisfy my craving for cheese baked rice. It is fattening but since it is my birthday, so why not ? hahaha Then had tea time at Chocolate, Pavilion. It looks too tempting for me. Tell me which girl can resist the temptation of chocolate? too bad I was so full. so just order some light ones. 10092010(005) Belgian Waffle. The chocolate taste very good. but I feel the waffle is not so nice. It can be better. besides that, everything is good. yummy :) 10092010(001) Ms Coco. 10092010(003) Snow White. This is my drinks. It is very very very very sweet. have to drink some plain water they provided there . I think that's why they provide free water at the side. 10092010(007) Food of the Gods had a nice time chit chatting there. the place is really suitable for a teatime session. I can imagine I sitting there with my girls chit chatting happily. how nice :) There's lotsa design of chocolate there as well. some is really cute. I hope I can try some next time :) Chocolate makes me feel happy! DSC00515 i like this photo <3 The highlight of the day is in next post:D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

18th Birthday Part 1

Finally I'm updating about my 18th birthday which passed 12 days ago. So.. Happy 18th to myself again! :D On birthday eve, I had a yumcha session with the girls in a newly opened shop in Sunway Pyramid. It is called Frames. It looks quite nice. Actually wanted to go Bubba Gump but too bad they are closing when we reached there. surprisingly carmen and cheekhong appear edi. because they can't come on the next day. so sweet of them isnt? :) IMG_2798 Carmen, Me and Coco. yerr only Carmen make up lo!! made coco and I look so bland. lol IMG_2803 Me with my Hot Chocolate and Mixed Berry Ice Cream IMG_2810 IMG_2812 I know u girls love me :) Steven and cheekhong were there too but didn't get to take photos with them. While we were eating, the waiter suddenly hold a piece of cake and all of them were singing "Happy Birthday". and the other table of people also singing for me. haha so sweet rite. I feel so touched. IMG_2814 Make a wish is always my favourite part of birthday IMG_2819 Start receiving calls from friends when the clock strikes 12. The food was soso but whats most important is the thought that counts. Love you people :) ok that's all for part 1. just a short one. more coming :) DSC00517 I love her too :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'Hools

Watched this movie screening in 3D yesterday in Pavilion. Synopsis: Soren, a young barn owl, is kidnapped by owls of St. Aggie's, ostensibly an orphanage, where owlets are brainwashed into becoming soldiers. He and his new friends escape to the island of Ga'Hoole, to assist its noble, wise owls who fight the army being created by the wicked rulers of St. Aggie's. The film is based on the first three books in the series." I never read this series before so I had no idea what is it about before I went to the screening. The owls look kinda cute so I'm actually quite excited to watch it. But after I watched it, I have to say this movie is just an average movie. The storyline is so-so only. pretty bland and uninteresting. I nearly fell asleep in the cinema. Just like any other animation, the plot are expected one. Can't say it is a disappointing one, maybe my expectation towards it is too high. Anyway, the graphic is AWESOME! I did enjoy the graphic very much before I get headache=.= The 3D specs there made me feel quite pain and uncomfortable. This never happen in past few times of my 3D movie experience. This movie is about 1 and the half hour. It is a movie which kids will like it. Some of the owls are cute. Nowadays cartoon also so violent arr... It will be released on 23 September. Is time to bring your kids for a movie. Rate of the movie : 3 out of 5 And! Thanks Tony for the invite :)

Magnum Movie Nite

Why I deserve to win 2+2 tickets in Magnum Blogger Zone ? This is because this movie "The Other Guys' looks kinda interesting and I can't wait to watch it! Besides, this is also the first time(I think) Magnum is giving out free movie screening tickets. I want to try my luck and support them as well :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

5th National Congress Of Integrity

Truth Matters: Integration With Integrity HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY ! 16092010(008) hand not long enough, cant take a full body picture=.= I never regret to help out in this event. I learned and gained lots of extra knowledge throughout the event. It was held in my university, UCSI University on Thursday from 8am till 6pm. I was there early in the morning for registration. so basically most of the participants should see me before? LOL joking Ever feel like your brilliant suggestions at the mamak should be heard by policy makers? HAHA this is a chance to voice it out!

It’s a movement of hundreds of young people coming together to speak up and listen to thinkers on the future of Malaysian multiculturalism.

Participants will get to sign the "Declaration of National Unity” which will be based on the discussions at the dialogue. Facts and findings of the discussion will also go towards a Policy Paper to be tabled to the Government. Flow of the day: 8.30-9.00 am Registration and Arrival of Participants 8.45 am Arrival of Invited Guests and Dignitaries 9.00 am Arrival and Keynote Address by VIP 9.10 am Singing of National Anthem
Launch of Malaysia Day song “We R Malaysia
Keynote Address by Senator Dato Seri Idris Jala on
Celebrating Diversity in Malaysia
10.00 am Tea Break and Departure of invited VIP 10.20am Introduction by Chief Moderator
10.30 am Keynote of Theme by Datuk Azzat Kamaludin, Moderator. First Bangsa Malaysia Dialogue and Justice Datuk Seri Sri Ram Gopal, former Federal Court Judge on National Integration with Constitutional Integrity
11.30 am Responses by 7 representatives (4 minutes each) from all Religious Communities in Malaysia 12.00 pm Roundtable Dialogue by delegates and adoption of Anti-Racism Code of Conduct Guidelines 1.00 pm Selected Roundtable Reports and Adoption of Guidelines 1.30pm Lunch and Prayer break 2.15pm Break into 3 parallel tracks of key issues for consideration 1. Education as a Framework for National Unity; Moderator, Prof Datuk Dr Shamsul Amri, Speakers, Professor Datuk Dr Ibrahim Bajunid and Dr Wong Chin Huan 2. Political Culture and Leadership for National Unity; Moderator, Dato Ambiga Sreenevasan, Speakers, Dato Zaid Ibrahim and YB Hannah Yeoh 3. National Unity through Religion, Law and Shared Values; Assoc Prof Azmi Sharom, Speakers, YB Dr Dzulkifly Ahmad and Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria Introduction of Speakers by Moderators of each session
Two speakers at 25 minutes each Q&A and Roundtable Dialogue
4.00---4.15pm Tea break 4.30-5.30 pm Plenary Session with feedback and views by Moderators of Dialogue 5.30-6.00 pm Summing Up by Chief Moderator and views by Independent Observers (*Dato Noor Rezan Bapoo, Sdr Philip Chua, Sdr Anis Yusal Yusuf, Dr Beth Baikan, Dr Farouk Musa, Dr John Ridgway,) Speakers of the day: DATUK AZZAT KAMALUDIN is an Oxford University graduate and a former diplomat. He is the senior partner of the law firm Azzat & Izzat, and a member of numerous boards of public listed companies. He was a member of the Tun Hussein Onn committee in the early 1980s that reshaped the way the Bar disciplines its members. DATO ZAID IBRAHIM was a former Minister in the Prime Minister's department who resigned his post to protest the ISA arrests of Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Teresa Kok as a matter of principle. He seeks to continue his work to uphold justice, and recently joined Parti Keadilan Rakyat. JUSTICE DATUK GOPAL SRI RAM enjoyed a long career at the Bar, after which he was appointed directly to the Court of Appeal from practice as one of its first batch of judges when the Court of Appeal was formed in 1994. He was thereafter elevated to the Federal Court, and retired in 2009. DR. WONG CHIN HUAT, a political science lecturer who lives and breathes activism. He is behind countless pressure groups and advocacy campaigns - tirelessly striving for social justice. He is known to many as "political scientist by profession, fashion trendsetter by accident" for wearing only the colour black since the Perak crisis. DATO AMBIGA SREENEVASAN is a former President of the Bar, who in her term of office famously led the Bar in their Walk for Justice that resulted in a Royal Commission of Inquiry in the "Lingam-gate" scandal. One of her numerous other honours include the US State Department's Secretary of State's Award for International Women of Courage Award in 2009. She was also on the short list to be appointed the United Nation's Special Rapporteur for freedom of religion. She currently chairs BERSIH 2.0. DR. DZULKEFLY AHMAD has been a strong voice for moderation both within PAS and in national politics, and is widely respected for his views on unity and religious harmony. He publicly supported the High Court ruling to allow the use of "Allah" DATUK DR. DENISON JAYASOORIA is the former executive director of Yayasan Strategik Sosial (the official think tank of the Malaysian Indian Congress). He is currently the Principal Research Fellow with the Institute of Ethnic Studies, UKM and a member of a body that needs no introduction - SUHAKAM. YB HANNAH YEOH was elected as the state assemblyperson for Subang Jaya, and is often regarded as a prominent example of the fresh, younger generation of candidates who were a key feature of the 2008 political tsunami. p/s YB Hannah Yeoh so pretty! 16092010(005) quickly take a photo when finally get to rest :p please ignore the bad skin=.= After done with my work and waiting for next task, we went in the hall and listened to the talk. That's really interesting. Different views from different person. Kinda like a small debate+discussion. 16092010(002) 16092010(004) It is like a round table meeting. the judges are sitting on the round stage in the middle. 16092010(003) so many people rite! 16092010(001) My friends kept telling me ehh this is the YB. ehh that guy wrote for The Star! hahaha lotsa VIP and VVIP that day. Sorry I can't remember all. I was impressed with those people who dare to voice out their opinion in front of everyone. I think it needs lotsa courage. And I'm really happy that we Malaysian actually so united and concerned about our lovely motherland. I always thought all those political/education or whatever issues are not for young people like me. But this event proved me I was so wrong! I should really get myself into all these. I actually CAN influence policy making and help shape the future of our beloved Malaysia. Where I decide what is racial unity and integration. The time is now. More Info: *post about my 18th birthday will be the next. wait wait wait :D

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My 1st Sem in UCSI Uni.

Can't believe I came up to KL 4 months already. My first sem was over. and I'm currently in the beginning of second sem. Time flies isn't ? Had fun with my school mates throughout the assignments, lab session,lecture classes and even free time in between lectures. posting these few photos as these are few quite memorable moment for my first sem. DSC04041 first time ever wearing a lab coat in a lab. am so excited that time! but I'm going to wear it so often till I get bored of it the next 4 years. IMG_1624 My group mates for assignments/lab session. They are simply awesome! club day 10 Club Day! that's the day I registered myself under Dodgeball Club,Student Council and so on. BCOmaths My lecture class. spot me? I will always remember this. My Gen Chem 1 assignment. DSC_0433 can see la.. That's me few months ago. my fringe is still short DSC_0440 polygamy. HAHA IMG_2099 I'm loving our black lips! DSC_0480 I actually laughed when I view back the photo. But at that time I cant laugh at all. Freaking hot with double clothes IMG_1955 Emo kids Wonder why are we dressed up like this? Read more about the post here Uni Life (17)_thumb[5] The latest us which was taken on last week randomly. Did we become prettier? :p Preview of next post: 62222_147538645286391_100000907702362_229657_4479724_n Maggie and I in SOULed OUT Cafe Bar for my birthday dinner I spent my 18th birthday here. Please wait for my post k? Update soon :)