Saturday, December 31, 2011

Win your passes to Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Collection NYX Launch !

Today is the last day of year 2011. Do you have a resolution for year 2012? And do you think resolution works? Still, Happy New Year people ! :)

Today I am going to tell you something interesting, about the Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Collection NYX Launch PARTY! and and, I’m going to tell you how you can win the passes to go to this By-Invitation only party, so that we can party together !! *insert scream*

Hennessy Privilege Collection NyX

Yes you hear it right ! Hennessy VSOP is launching their privilege collection NYX ! and they are throwing a party at a secret location…

At this moment, I am feeling curious if you want to know more about the By-Invitation only party or the beautiful bottle?

Frankly speaking, for myself, I would like to know more about the bottle. Why? This time the bottle is so unique and awesome. It glows in the night O.O Don’t believe?

Don’t drool. I know it is awesome.



Ok ok I know you want to know about the By-Invitation ONLY launch party event.

It is happening on 5th January 2012 and the location is a secret *grin* Don’t worry Hennessy won’t bring you to somewhere to sell you ok wtf


Hahaha it is actually very simple. Head over to Hennessy Malaysia Facebook ( to join the contest. In the page, look at left side the tab there and look for Hennessy NYX, follow the instructions and now you stand a chance to win the invitation to party!


At the meanwhile, check out the following details and make sure you will be there for both ok?

Hennessy V.S.O.P NyX Concept Space ‘Roadshow’
Date: 2nd – 10th January 2012
Venue: East Atrium Entrance @ Mid Valley Megamall
(In front of Coffee Bean / MPH)

Launch Party
Date: 5th January 2012 @ 8.30PM
Venue: Secret Location in Mid Valley Megamall (By-Invitation only)

Stand a chance to win limited edition Hennessy V.S.O.P NyX 70CL Bottle & Launch Party Invites in :)




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Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Land , Kulaijaya

This cafe is one of my top favourite eating place. I eat it since quite young. My dad always bring us to here before or after going to grandma’s house.


its business is so good even on weekdays. Always hardly can find a seat. There’s another cafe beside happy land named Mc Cola who has less customers (lol sorry). I still think Happy Land tastes nicer.


I went there on a Saturday before heading to Johor Premium Outlets . Now you know where to eat if you happened to go to Kulaijaya and wanted to have some nice food/dessert. It is about 10-15 min drive from Happy Land to Johor Premium Outlets.

Happy Land is famous of their dessert, their ice kacang with different topping.


This one is my favourite : Chocolate Ice. They put really a lot of melted chocolate on top with some nuts. The other ingredients such as cincau, jagung, red bean n so on are the same like normal ice kacang.

My mum like to order the Ice Kacang Special. The topping is Milo powder. Feel like drinking the Milo Dinosaur :D


And this one is my lil sister’s love. She only ordered this everytime when she comes to here, the Jelly Ice. The taste is sweet and sour with some fruits on top and jelly inside. It is more suitable for people who doesnt like strong flavour such as chocolate.

There are also other choices such as Strawberry Ice, Mango and others. You gotta find it out yourselves :)

1 bowl of ice is around RM4.


Besides dessert, they have some snacks and food too. This rojak is so big rite ! It is only RM4.20.


This is what I ordered everytime also…


The Thai style tofu. I dont know why but it just tastes so good and i am kind of addicted to it. The tofu is very smooth but the outer layer is fried. Then eat with the sweet n spicy Thai sauce… AWWWWWW


This is everyone’s favourite, seriously. Even for me who don’t like meat at all, I gotta say it tastes so good. Especially the skin (the most fattening part fml). The smell of fried chicken just make you want to eat it. I get to take this photo quickly before others start snatching them.. I can feel their aura of asking me to be faster hahaha


And this is the nasi lemak to eat with. What’s important for nasi lemak is always the sambal and the rice. I don’t know how should I describe this.. because it is just way too delicious.

There’re another selling fried kuey tiau here. taste not bad too. The price here is around RM4 per dish.

Read about the directions and address in this page :

I asked the lady boss if she has any namecard or website. She said no, if want direction just say is same road with Tesco Kulaijaya then very easy to find. The shop facing the main road.




The guest today is my lil sis :D

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Where’s The Party 2


Where’s The Party is here again ! Excited? I was really excited when I knew there’s one more Where’s The Party in this year, and have been asking friends to join along. The more the merrier right ?

If you would like to read more about the first Where’s The Party, click here : Sneak Peek , Golden Palm Tree Resort , Where’s The Party?


Thanks SnowXWhite for the photo !

So, where’s the party this time?

On 17 Dec 2011, the exclusive by-invitation only party was held at the very own Carlsberg Malaysia’s Brewery in Shah Alam, the facility where the first Carlsberg beer was locally brewed in 1972.


The meet up point was in Shah Alam Stadium. Then we were brought to the secret location. Guess where is it?

Its the Carlsberg factory! Surprise much?



In the press conference. Glad to meet the artists and DJ line up for the party at night. Was pretty excited with some of the combination and expecting to see interesting performance.

All partygoers were assigned their own, unique RFID (Radio-Frequency Identity) tags, which enabled them to collate points from the games they played and redeem prizes accordingly. These RFID tags were linked to their Facebook accounts and enabled them to update their Facebook status simply by tagging on the “Like” stations throughout the brewery


From left: Me, Emma, Johanna, Michelle


374346_10150627828413102_575868101_11914919_1532482116_n (1)

Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia said “We are thrilled at the extensive reach of Carlsberg’s “Where’s the Party?” and the immense support and interest garnered from consumers. The main objectives of the party is to create memorable, inspiring moments and experiences for consumers as a way of encouraging them to be bold and stepping up to do the right things. When they think of celebrations and achievements, they will think of the next level with ‘That Calls for a Carlsberg!’”


get to meet my favourite Youtuber Joseph Germani ! Woots! Look at what he wore.. It is hard to miss him in the crowd right #LikeALouSai

After the press conference then we headed to the amusement park to enjoy the party !


We had some light snacks such as burger and ice cream which is like a bazaar in front of the factory. then behind the bazaar is the amusement park. I felt like I am back to 10 years old.


This is how he pose for camera. hahahahha so funny

He asked what pose do you want? Another clown at the side said : want u to squat down n stand up. HAHAHAHA laugh die me


A key highlight of the party was the Sky Ride, which gave partygoers an exhilarating experience of being buoyed by a hot air balloon. Too bad I don’t have the chance to try this as the queue is so long and I’m lazy to queue up.

Lets see what else they got in the amusement park. Didn’t get to take all of them though


This black shirt guy who squatting down is very very nice! We are given 3 chances to choose the duckling. If one of the duckling got the Carlsberg logo at the bottom, we will get 10 points. This cute guy was saying : u sure u want this? do u want to change? when I chose my last duckling. And yea! Thanks to him I got my points :D


Do you miss sitting on this? I did. The last time I sat is when I was back in Taiwan with my new friends. The feeling when you get the whole world is under your feet… WOOHOOOO


lovely SnowXWhite :)

The party incorporated an ‘amusement park’ theme, complete with childhood favourites such as a ferris wheel, pirate ship and an adult carousel. Some other traditional fun fair booths also included Ring a Green, Toss & Score, Duck Hunt, ‘Our holes, Your balls’ & Wild Wild West


Thanks SnowXWhite for the photo ! I think this is my best photo in the whole party. She helped me to take this nice shot when we were in the Ferris Wheel. So romantic right <3


Queue up more than 1 hour for this. *slap self*


The air brush tattoo. nice? I kinda like it :)




Locally acclaimed performers Dennis Lau and Shawn Lee presented a thumping combination of an electric violin and beat boxing. Special group appearances by famous Korean star, Lee An, the unforgettably spontaneous star rapper of Carlsberg Malaysia, Mr Soren Ravn along with violinist Dennis Lau awed the party crowd further. Home-grown bands Crossfire and Paperplane Pursuit had the crowd dancing to their chart topping hits. World renowned girl band ‘High on Heels’ also made their first appearance in Malaysia and entertained the crowd with their creative mix of LIVE classical instruments with song mixing on their turntables. “Where’s The Party” came to a close around 2am the following morning after several hours of non-stop music with international DJs; Sophie Sugar from the UK and Hiloco from Japan.


Look at the crowd !

In line with Carlsberg’s philosophy of responsible drinking, Carlsberg encouraged all partygoers to enjoy responsibly and in moderation. As part of the ‘Enjoy Responsibly’ campaign, Carlsberg planned engagement activities for consumers such as the Alcohol Testing Zone, where consumers had their alcohol level tested while partying and the Drunk Man Zone which enabled consumers to play an android game which showed them the effect of excessive alcohol consumption.



The best thing throughout the party was ShiiTeck said I become thinner!!! Evryone go read his blog now!

Most of the people enjoyed the party very much. Frankly speaking, this party is a lil bit of disappointment to me. Maybe I expect too much from the previous party? The previous party was a beach party which has less guests and it was a 2 days 1 night holiday, staying in the awesome Golden Palm Resort in Sepang Gold Coast while this one is more to have fun with more people. It was nice meeting friends though :)

Thanks Carlsberg and MHB for this party. For more photos, go to




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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Biolyn Hairspa

Last Sunday I went to Biolyn Hairspa for a haircut. Thanks Erika for inviting me :)



I remembered Biolyn selling nutrition products one.. Was wondering how come they start doing hairspa business…


And then I realize they combined the health products with hairspa. So creative !

It is located in Seri Kembangan, a corner shop but somehow we just can’t see it :/ Thanks to GPS we reached !


quite a spacious place. Looks professional too



I have to recommend this. It shows INSTANT result. The lady put the essence on my right arm, and then i compare it with my left arm. My right arm becomes fairer !!! Not kidding !! Is like magic wtf


And this hair serum is the 1 they use for hair care. It can strengthen hair roots,eliminate dandruff and give u the long-lasting freshness.


The treatment start with Scalp Care Treatment, Shampooing, Haircut and lastly Hair care treatment. It is only RM 10 !!!


If you would like to purchase the Hyaluronic Acid for skin or hair, you can top up another RM29 to the package. Meaning RM39 for 4 royal hair treatment + hair serum or skin essence. Worth it rite !



BEFORE: mum has been nagging for a few weeks asking me to cut hair cause she thinks is too messy n too long. hahaha


AFTER: Thats me without make up without contact lens(although i never wear coloured lens), I think my face looks so bad but I like my hair ! Much more tidier and feeling healthier !


Biolyn Hairspa

55-1,2,3,4, Jln SP 2/1, Sec 2,

Tmn Serdang perdana, 43300 Seri Kembangan.


Remember to call for appointment ya :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Native Union Pop Phone

We know that cell phone radiation may be linked to various forms of cancer, including tumors of the ear and brain, gliomas, blastomas, and neuromas, in addition to a broad range of other health risks. Please find here some links to some of the most authoritative published reports and media discussions on link between cell phones radiation and cancer.


So, why not educate and protect yourself by using a Native Union handset ,proven to Reduce Cellphone Radiation more than 96% of Cell Phone radiations ?


Don’t know what is this cute thing ? Let me show you then you will know…



Tadaaaa! Is a head phone which you can just plug in and use on your phones, PC or laptop! The only difference is , it is radiation free :D

Interested to get one? You should grab one from


Besides, you can take a photo with your photo and join this Pop & Pose Contest. With just RM139, you stand a chance to win yourself a trip to Japan!!!! For more info, check out this page:


To personalize it, the pop phone comes with various colour which you can view it one by one on the site :


Designed by the French designer David Turpin the POP handset combines classic style with a contemporary edge and is finished with a luxurious soft-touch texture. The handset has been manufactured with a high quality speaker and microphone and can be used with all mobile phones when fitted with the correct adaptor (sold separately) and when fitted with a USB adaptor (sold separately) can be used for VOIP computer telephone calls (Skype, Google Talk...). This product is fitted with a 3.5mm jack (compatible with the iPhone).

Here comes the question, where and how should I get myself this awesome headphone? The answer is so simple ! You just need to do it online. Purchase it from


Wait no more, grab your own pop phone, take a photo with it and join the contest !

Info taken from here

p/s can u bring me along if you win the grand prize? *puppy eyes*




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