Tuesday, January 18, 2011

天天好天 Great Day

Synopsis Story takes place in an old folk's home in Perlis. There are two uncle, Chai and Lin Dan whose nickname is Hokkien Mee and GongFuChao respectively staying in this home. They always argue about whose children are better. Then somehow, Chai went to KL to find his children by Ah Fu's lorry. Ah Fu has a son, and his mother is staying in his cousin's house temporarily because the mum is sick. Then, when Chai found his son and daughter, he found that their lives are not so good as what he thought. He helped Lin dan to find his son too but he found out the son is an unfilial son. He spent a week in KL with his children and grandchild happily. Something unexpected happened when they back to Perlis.. (translate from the synopsis in their website which is in chinese) Review Watched it on last Saturday I like this movie. It made me think about my life and my family. It is so Malaysia that every scene in the movie is familiar. the accent, culture, dialect.. I realize one day my parents will be old too. What will happen to them ? The fear is here. This movie brings out another issue, nowadays many young generation is not close with their grandparents. Even myself. But I'll definitely work on it. I nearly cried when watching this movie. It is so touching. But I laughed throughout the movie as well. This movie worth both time and money. This movie is produced by Woohoo. They came from a previous malaysia chinese movie called Woohoo. Heard that it is a nice movie too. Feel like watching it. Their official website has trailer and everything. Their blog is cute and nice cause it recorded the little tiny things happened. Both are in chinese btw. This movie is mainly in Mandarin, but use Cantonese and Hokkien as well. rate: 4/5 Thanks Tony :) You guys can read his review here. It is much more complete and better compared to mine. with love


  1. I watched it ystrday and I like it too (: Btw, nice nails and tshirt! Green fever? Teehee

  2. i wish to watch, but it was full house last time.. argh..

  3. hilda: very nice rite?! haha thanks thanks it is coincidence actually. lol
    sam: when i went to watch it also nearly ful house, i sit very in front T.T