Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Green Hornet 青蜂侠

I knew about this movie through the chinese media last year. It is just because Jay Chou will be acting as Kato in this movie. and well, Jay Chou is famous among the Chinese so it became a hot news. I never watch any Jay Chou's movie before. So, this is the first time I watch Jay Chou acting. Kinda weird feeling. Synopsis Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) is the son of LA's most prominent and respected media magnate and perfectly happy to maintain a directionless existence on the party scene – until his father (Tom Wilkinson) mysteriously dies, leaving Britt his vast media empire. Striking an unlikely friendship with one of his father's more industrious and inventive employees, Kato (Jay Chou), they see their chance to do something meaningful for the first time in their lives: fight crime. To get close to the criminals, they come up with the perfect cover: they'll pose as criminals themselves.
My point of view Laughed when Jay Chou's face appeared. I just can't accept that he is acting. Still prefer Jay Chou the singer. This movie is funny. But, Erm I am not sure whether I was too tired or it is just plain boring in the middle. I nearly fell asleep. It is all about fighting fighting and fighting which I don't like. I don't know why Jay Chou's face seems a little bit different than usual. This movie is quite ok but it will be another movie which I will forget about it maybe erm 1 week later. If you love Jay Chou, watch it. He is so powerful and smart in this movie. This movie is in 3D too but I watched it in 2D. I think it won't make any big difference. For this movie, I don't think it need to be watched in 3D la. Rate : 2.5 out of 5


  1. I want to watch this just because Jay Chao is appearing in an English movie.. haha

  2. I watched it with my laptop, funny movie, but don't worth it for second time in cinema for me.. lol..

  3. Everyone was like so excited abt this movie but to find out that it is just so so, even some said it's lame :P Maybe I'll watch.

  4. Jay Chou's acting in the Green Hornet got panned by the western film critics. The film also got panned and most say that it cannot decide between being a comedy or staying true to the Green Hornet's history.

    So I guess I will give this movie a miss.

    Fun Fact : The Green Hornet was a TV series back in the early 1960s where the character Kato (currently played by Jay Chou) was played by none other than the late Bruce Lee!!