Monday, January 31, 2011

Live and Breathe.

166874_10150164491293502_503073501_8656471_597779_n This is gonna be a plain short post just for me to release my anger and stress and unhappiness. I'm kind of emo since yesterday. But well, shouldn't care about it as it doesn't worth it. Lies always around us. Seems like I really fail terribly this time. When it comes to question or problem like this, I always hesitate. That's one thing I don't like about myself. seeing friends around me all had gone through a hard time and finally get what they want, I was wondering why can't I do so as well. I got a friend who scolded me, it is not 1 month or 1 year, it had been years, why can't you just wake up? Sorry dear, I knew and I really did try my best. But things turn out to be like this, it is beyond my control. Luckily, after realizing something, this time I really made my mind, no matter how hard it is, I must let this nightmare get out from my life. Don't let the past haunt me anymore. I had a bad time this year. Luckily I got friends who showers me with love and care when I was alone. I sincerely thank you all for everything. Without you all, I don't know how to go through all these time. 163867_10150132396875864_656970863_7870933_298542_n I love her. She is a sister to me. btw for this photo, we never pakat to wear the same dress to the soft launch of Quinte u know! We always wear same colour/ same design when hang out together but we never pakat one! 230949814 and many other friends. Now I realize I seldom take photos when hang out with my friends. met HuiZhi and Jeremie yesterday. When is the last time I met my old friends? Meeting old friends are always sweet but the bitter part is I haven't meet most of them. btw Jeremie, your performance gonna be a big success :) I got a weird habit before sleep. seems like insomnia will be my good friend this year. Anyway Chinese New Year is coming ! New year new resolution isn't? Alright, I'm still emo now. "The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else in return." Don't say you love me unless you really mean it, cause I might do something crazy like believe it." 231900661 with love


  1. dun bother the past liao.. wat happiness u had before this just keep as memories... nthg more than tat... rmb u're still SO SO young la wei... lot of great thg and friends waiting for u out ther.. open up urself and dun let the past haunt ur life... stay happy !! We love to see your smile !