Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

*rub eyes* *blink * *rub eyes again* *blink blink blink* did I see the title wrongly? The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race? OMG THIS IS REAL!!! All of us know about Amazing Race right? This is just like the food edition of Amazing Race! This is definitely a heavenly news for people like me, who love to eat sooooooo much. I always hang out together with another 3 girlfriends, who are the first 3 people come into my mind when read about the competition. just nice 4 of us can form a team and go have fun! Team's name is 4 in Love. there are Candice , Coco , Valerie and I. I want to join this so much is because I'm new to KL and would really like to explore KL more. not only KL, also the whole Malaysia. Not to say try all the nice food in each area! Besides, this is really an interesting competition that I never participate in any before. I get to spend some time with my beloved girl friends and have fun! We love food review, view this . This is the 1st time we went in some restaurant and randomly did this review. Well, we did serious food review like this as well :) while 4 of us were so excited about this race, I suddenly thought of a question. What if we get lost ? But Maxis had thought of this problem and solved it! Each team will be equipped with an iPhone 4 (with finder301 and GPS applications installed), a laptop and Maxis wireless broadband modem to assist in their tasks. All these are available through Maxis. Wish we got chosen for this. wish me luck with love

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