Saturday, March 12, 2011

Malacca one day trip


Can I have 30 hours in a day and 8 days in a week?


Just finished my Calculus Mid Term exam 1 hour ago, totally exhausted. wonder will lecturer give me extra marks as she asked me whether I'm alright or not since yesterday.

Let me think what are coming next. Err.. Physics Midterm, Biology Midterm, quiz? Oh forgot there're still Calculus and Bio assignments... after all these, final exams coming. I cant believe that final exam is less than 1 month from now.

Although I have to study hard, I need to have some entertainment as well too rite Open-mouthed smile

Last Saturday(5 March) was my dear Coco’s MSI Idol Search semi-final. Went to Times Square to support her with other friends. She sang and played guitar although she not feeling well that day. Thumbs up to her! And guess what, she made into final!!! This coming Saturday will be the final in Sungei Wang, people please come and support her k. Meanwhile, vote for her by liking the photo in this Facebook page k? Thanks a lot Smile


lunch time


Then went to have late lunch in Uncle Duck, then at night Zouk.

After 3 hours of sleeping, off to Malacca!

This trip basically is an eating trip. Cause we non stop eating since reached Malacca till leave there O.O yes really non stop. Not going to say all but just show some favourite of mine

Finally get to try the famous Malacca Chicken rice ball



The chicken is pretty good too. Btw the herbal tea in this shop is different with what we normally drink. Taste special and nice.


it looks famous. taste? not bad, it is with coconut milk if not mistaken. taste lil bit diff than usual 1


Jonker 88 Baba/Nyonya Cendol. Can't remember the name. This is good



Tiramisu Mille Crepe


My favourite of the day: original flavour mille crepe.

The feeling is OMG WAHHHHHHH WHY SO NICE!!!! when I first bite it. not kidding

This shop is Nadeje Cake House.

Address : Lot No.UB051,052,&053, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, Jln Merdeka. 75000 Bandar Hilir Melaka. Phone : 06-284 3469

Definitely want to try other flavour if get to go there again

Dinner in Portugese Village. Had seafood. People, you must go to the stall 7. Their food is awesome. Even the normal dishes like vegetables also very nice. not too oily not too salty, everything is just nice. I love their butter sauce chicken/fish. The main point is the sauce. Really good. The mango juice there is freshly made. Different with what we normally had, this one is sour one which is made by green mangoes. Awesome max. was too busy eating till didn't take any photos.


Still got many nice food didn't get to try. And I want to go Jonker street at night!

I must get well soon :)

lotsa love


  1. I ALSO WAN GO AGAIN!!!! this time we go 2 days 1 night la k?=D~

  2. Yummm..The food looks reali good!

  3. Wah Mille Crepe, I haven't try before. *pout*

  4. the mille crepe is really really good:) must try it next time

  5. Lovely food, making me hungry and salivating. Love the rice balls and crepe.

  6. I wonder how come very hard to load the flikr image =)

    anyway, after exam liao? Have fun k for the entertainment =)