Monday, April 4, 2011

Iranian food in Beep! Restaurant

This gonna be a short dull post , just to make me feel a lil bit better.

My mood was really bad recently.

iranian food with candice

iranian food with candice 2

Tried the Iranian food with Candice in one random afternoon for lunch.

That restaurant is called Beep! Restaurant.  It is in front UCSI university, in Taman Connaught.
Our food are good but the portion is just too big for a girl. I can't finish the bread at the end. The food is halal so it is actually suitable for everyone.

The first food picture is a erm lamb chop? It is about rm10. The rice here is special. It is longer than usual. Taste the same but I like this type of rice more because somehow I find it very nice to chew on. The second picture is the bread. Before I went to try Iranian food, friend told me:MUST TRY THE NAAN THERE! So I went in and tell the boss I want naan. Luckily he understood what I mean and give me this. They call it bread. I didn't know it is so cheap as it is not even written in the menu. It costs only RM2. I think it taste like chapati or naan. 1 thing that I don't like is, they didn't give anything to eat with the bread. So I just eat the bread plainly. It is a bit too dry for me. Wanted to go to the mamak opposite and tapau some kuah come back=.=

The boss looks kind. Environment is not bad as well. mirror is everywhere :D can shisha here also

Used to blog about food so much but now I hardly update my blog and mostly are about movies. Seems like I need to go have nice food more often and snap picturessss as well.

 I miss home sometimes. I just hope final exam end faster so that I can go back home earlier.

Lotsa Love, 


  1. Hahaha, I like your bad mood picture. So cute.

  2. next time we shall order one only and share lah.. =D

  3. the bad mood picture look good. I wonder if you more bad mood will look nicer anot. =D

  4. Have really tasted authentic Iranian food, but some similarity with our rice and tosai.

  5. chubby bad mood! =D LOL

    anyways I would like to try too! =D

  6. why bad mood...come on stay cool...^^ be happy always

  7. i like iranian food but i realy like Arabian Food..
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