Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge

Walker Black Circuit Lounge was held in Palace of Golden Horses on 9 April 2011. 
I went there for work, I guess people saw we girls when they are entering the place. 
Did you feel superstar ? :D 

We girls with Andy 

This event is enjoying but not nicely managed. We stood there since 7am and it started to let guests to enter at about erm 8.30pm? What I remember was I waited at there for so long.

Anyway, it was awesome. Took photos of the guests and saw fehmes people like Cheesie and Kuah Jen Han.
so happy that I can take photo for her!
Really excited to see Cheesie. She is so chio in real life also! Super skinny.
Her hair colour is nice and so do the hairstyle. The ribbon is so cute

Had fun with friends afterwards. Making new friends is always the best part.

pretty Jessy <3

 Jessy, shiiteck. me, Tony. Li Chuen. Elaine

The photos are all taken from my tagged photo. Taken by Andy , Shii Teck , Simon and JunFook . The photo of Cheesie is the only one I took.

Johnie Walker, Keep Walking!

Suffering insomnia and here comes this post. Didn't bring back my laptop and that explains why am I using my tagged photos. The uploaded photos are so small because I actually forgot my Flickr account so using the blogger photo uploader.

 Lesson of the day: don't rely on my laptop so much, remember own password and don't always ask the laptop to remember it for me.

What do you think me in short hair? Like it? :)


  1. Oh, you got a haircut. Look fresher.

  2. Hey, I see you with my highschool mate. Christy Yeoh. Do you know her?

  3. simon: haha u will know when u see me :)
    mel: erm din talk with her much that day but yea, we worked together that day :)

  4. suits u well with short hair:)

  5. glad to see you at the event, may there be more meetups after this! XD

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