Friday, April 15, 2011

A single rose can be my garden...

 1oo yen green tea
 green tea

100 yen mango

 Tried 100 yen's snow ice before?
Quite nice but I still prefer snowflake :)

Recently my mood was like a roller coaster. I think this is a bad description. But it just went up and down like nobody's business. As you can see from my previous post, I was really stress about my final exam. Anyway, 3 down, 1 more to go! Next Monday will be my General Biology 2 paper, nervous :/

 Time really flies. I am finishing my foundation course entering degree soon. *sentimental moment*

I appreciate people who appear in my life and love me like their family.

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They are the reason to keep me strong.

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I'm glad that they are with me when I'm here.


I can't imagine how my life gonna be without them.


Another gathering in someone's house or condo k? I really miss the time when looking back the photos.

I dont know when is the next time to see this scene again. sigh. I really can't accept the fact that this is the last sem I study together with Candice.

Oh ya, take a look at her homegrown grapes that she gave me today :D

I understand that friends come and leave.I know you have to go. I know you probably won't think of me afterwards. I know I'm always not the first choice. I think, this time I really got plenty of time to get used of it.


But I just can't bear to leave some of them.

 ... A single friend, my world.


  1. stay strong.

    And I really like those picture of you and your friends. There seems to be a strong bond there. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise!