Wednesday, April 13, 2011


 * the hairstylist helped me to do temporary perm after trimming my hair. He prefer me to have this feminine look. But I think I look old.

 Please don't scold me for updating my blog now.

Tomorrow is my Calculus final.

I spent whole afternoon in the library and night time in Old Town for revision. I'm really tired.

I'm feeling really stress recently. Studies, friends, room and so on.

Went for a haircut today, and the hairstylist asked me: Are you dropping a lot of hair recently?
I was so surprised that he knew. He said he can see from my hair. Does it mean I'm going to become bald soon? O.o But yea, I've been dropping a lot a lot hair till I think something wrong is with me. I used to have really thick hair, but now, it is getting thinner and thinner. The maid in my house asked me the same question. She said everytime sweep my room, the hair on the floor is really a lot.
Friends who didn't see me for quite some time, always get shocked when met me because of the dark eye rings. I can count how many hours I slept a day using a hand. Having really serious insomnia.

After Calculus will be Gen. Bio 2 paper. Another stressful paper. sigh

For this sem, I always study till want to cry. I scared my cgpa cant reach the requirement and I will lose my scholarship.
People angry with me for no reason, I stress I upset.
Don't understand the syllabus, I stress I nervous.
Can't get a room before May, I stress I scared.
and there are many more things that I need to worry.
Don't say that I'm enjoying my life here, cause you don't know what exactly I've gone through. What you saw are just the surface. Do you really know me well?

Some might saw me really play like mad before, that's the only time I get to relax.
I appreciate everyone who concern and love me. Sometimes, what I need is just a simple hug and a call.

I love you



  1. still looking good no matter what hair styles you go for wilee! :)

  2. What? The perm only lasts for a few hours? You look so beautiful there. Never mind, straight also very nice. ;)

  3. I think straight hair suits you more haha

  4. Well no matter what, u looks great =P