Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bully case from SMK Raja Abdullah

This post is going to be plain word and picture-less.

I guess everyone of you heard or read about this story which is saddening. 4 Chinese school girls bullied a Chinese girl by cutting her hair, beating and so on. Not only that, they still recorded down the procedure and uploaded to Youtube. 

The video is here. You should see how cruel were the girls. I cant get the original video. but this guy’s video include that video. So you can just watched from here. I just feel heartache not only for the victim, and also the girls. They are just 13 years old, what made them to be so violent? 

What happen to our education , dear Malaysian? These are the generation which produced under our current education. I don’t know what they had been taught in the school. Where are the moral values that had been inculcated ?

I am a girl, I know how precious is hair to me. They are also girls with long hair, why can’t they think before act? What if someone did this to them? The victim was so helpless when the 4 girls were bullying her. What she did was just crying, how can this happen in the school? Where were the teachers and prefects? This showed how bad is the discipline in that school, or I shall say, most of the school? 

My younger sister is still studying in secondary school, so do my cousins. I feel so worried for them after watching the video. Although I believe my school shouldn’t have this kind of problem, but this fear just can’t get out of my mind. How can I not to be worried? 

What’s more saddening is, the 4 girls still don’t feel regret for doing so, yet scolding the victim through their blog. I read one of them which is the “Spaghetti'” ‘s blog . She just can’t stop scolding her classmates. 

here are the other 3 girls’ blog

I can forget their act if they are apologizing for whatever they’d done. But , in fact, they still think they were right. How to teach this kind of kids? Counseling is not enough for them. Their mind set are so wrong. Their parents should be so upset and disappointed with their daughters

In the other hand, I wonder how do they feel now. Everyone knows how they look like, what are their names, where are they studying and also their evil act. Do you think they can continue to lead their lives just like this? I doubt so. I believe there are reasons for them to do so to the victim. But anyway, this is not the right way. This doesn’t solve problem yet creating even more problems.

To the victim, what kind of negative impact resulted on her? She will probably don't dare to face the crowd anymore, feeling scared to attend classes, lose confident to friendship and so on.We should give her encouragement and definitely she needs counseling too. Well, maybe she should reflect herself whether what fault did she do to make the girls did this to her. 

I really hope to know the complete story as so far what I knew are just from the net. I am sorry if there are anything I wrote is offended to you or are not true. 



  1. Well said. This is the first blog entry that I read regarding this issue. You gave your personal opinion and shared your feelings. You tried to see things from both the victim and bully pov. Bravo. I like it very much.

  2. WTF, they are the noodle gang is it? All the blog name is related to noodle type food.

  3. jon : thank you :)
    simon : LOL ! u should ask them mah

  4. hmm, their blogs all in mandarin ><

  5. isaac,u need a translator. anyway their blog all just scolding people

  6. I say LYNCH the 4 girls.
    Wee, okay. If that is too drastic, then shave off all their hair and let it be their badge of shame for a month or two.
    An eye for an eye. If I were the victim's mother, I would not be satisfied with anything less.

  7. What the hell has gotten into the kids these days? *shakes head* Feel so so so sorry for the victim ):

  8. They need juvie. All they got was a 2 week 'holiday' (suspended from school). Disgusting.

  9. I'm just a girl of my school, I've never ever seen girls these young to be so violent before.It's new to me and I feel really angered at their behavior...I kinda agreed with you

  10. That's it lah. Their blog sure hit very high traffic one.. pls let it be known that this is NOT the way to get famous.. *shake head* to the noodle gang! @_@

  11. hilda: haiz kids nowadays
    weed: thats y. this punishment is really nothing to them
    nicole: must be careful okkk
    merryn: their blog wil hit high traffic but famous in not a right way.

  12. Totally agree with this! Their parents didn't play their role in bringing up their children which ended up something like that...Bully!

  13. Should teach them a lesson, old school style. Guni sack them and beat the shit out of them to let them know what is real pain.

  14. *sigh*
    whoever would think this stuff will happen?
    GIRLS TOO !!
    those low lives have dirtied the name of girls TT.TT